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Top 10 Gadgets that have recently become pretty affordable

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This year has been really good when it comes to tech. We have got a lot of new devices and interesting gadgets, but the best part of new tech is that last year tech finally becomes more affordable, and maybe we can finally find a way to buy the ones we wanted for so long.

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Nokia Lumia 1020

Each and every modern smartphone has a camera, but this Lumia is a truly unique camera phone. Giant sensor with 41 megapixels allows creation of photos with high amount of detail.

When it comes to camera, Lumia 1020 is still without competition.

Leap motion controller

This add-on with USB stick size for Windows and Mac shows in what direction is the interaction between the man and the PC is going. Leap is connected to the device, and then put on a flat surface and then it can be used in different application for playing games to reading newspapers only by moving your hands through the air, and all that for only eight bucks.

It can even recognize the angle of your palms and how many fingers are you showing. This technology is slowly becoming a standard built-in for laptop computers, starting with HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE.

Nest Protect

Company Nest Labs is specialized in creating unusual but highly advanced devices and it has recently designed a thermostat with touchscreen, and last year they have created the Nest Project.

Nest Protect is smoke and carbon monoxide detector priced at $130. Instead of emitting annoying beeping sound, Nest Protect warns you with the calm female voice which tells you “Carbon monoxide is in the apartment”. If you are preparing a meal with a bit more smoke, the Nest Protect can be turned off with a single swing of your hand.

ASUS Nexus 7 V2

The first Nexus 7 has created a big fuss on the tablet device market when it was released in 2012.

With affordable price it offers top notch specifications. Nexus 7 v2 2013 has continued just like its predecessor. It brings 1080p resolution to tablet devices with 7 inch screens and sets the hardware standards pretty high.

Sony PlayStation 4

Long awaited successor of the extremely popular Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console. For every gamer, PlayStation represents the one gaming console. Excellent specifications and now finally bigger than ever availability of exclusive and high quality video games makes PlayStation 4 the king of the next generation consoles.

Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone models with “s” in the end usually bring minimal updates comparing to its predecessor. But iPhone 5s has brought two new things in the domain of smartphone. Touch ID sensor which allows phone unlocking with your finger print and the new double LED flash that allows for great looking photos in different conditions. And since the iPhone 6 has debuted earlier, the iPhone 5s price is now pretty affordable, and if you wanted to enjoy it, now it is your chance.

Pebble smart watch

Whether smart watches  are going to achieve a great success it is still not know, but Pebble is on the right track. This smart watch priced only at $150, completes the functionality of a smart phone, because directly on the e-Ink screens it shows notifications such as SMS messages. Different developing teams are creating apps that are expanding the possibilities of this watch. Oh yeah, and it shows time, and looks classy.

Oculus Rift

Currently available as a developer package for $300, but when you put this virtual reality glasses and test it in action, you will forget that you own a developer version, and you will enjoy latest innovations.
In combination with PC or an Android device, Rift will surround you with a 3D world, where you can even look back over your shoulder. If the games succeed in unleashing the potential of Oculus Rift, this could be a great step forward in the world of video games.

Apple iPad

As the new iPad arrives you are now ready to buy last year’s powerful and mobile iPad? Weighing only 450 grams, 0.7cm thin and with screen of 9.7 inch iPad Air merges mobility and power into a single device, while iPad Mini offers almost the same possibilities as his bigger brother, including battery life of more than 10 hours of use, but with the smaller screen of 7.9 inches. Both tablet devices can use high number of apps that are specifically optimized for iPad devices.

Google Chromecast

Instead of doing everything and costing a lot, this device with a size of an USB stick does one thing, but it does it perfectly, and it costs only $35. Chromecast is being plugged in to an HDMI port of a TV and it then allows the sending of video and other content directly from laptop, tablet or smartphone to big TV screen. Many companies have created similar devices, but the Chromecast is the first who does Wireless video transfer perfectly.

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