Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Top 10 Things to Look for at CES 2017

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Every January the tech world converges in Las Vegas for the showcase of the top electronics products and trends for the new year. Often times, the world is so caught up with the holidays and the New Year festivities to take note until it’s too late. So, here is a heads up for what to look for to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show coming to Las Vegas, Nevada January 5 – 8, 2017. Whether you are attending the show or not, keep on top of the latest to come out of the show by downloading the CES App. This year is sure to showcase some amazing things as CES celebrates its golden anniversary at 50 years old! Over the years, some of the most innovative technology was introduced or announced at the show. In 1970, the videocassette recorder was announced, in 1981, the CD player and camcorder were introduced at the show, and in 2001, the world heard about Xbox first from CES. What game changing technology might you see come from the show this year?


CES Company Announcements

Some of the companies attending CES this year are expected to make announcements
during the show. These companies include:

• Casio
• Bosch
• Honor
• Huawei
• Intel
• Faraday Future
• LG
• Lenovo
• Nissan
• Nvidia
• Panasonic
• Samsung
• Sony
• Qualcomm
• Toyota
• Volkswagen
• Xiaomi

What Might We See Announced?

Some companies have already announced that they are premiering products or making big announcements during the show in January. The types of products we will see advances in include televisions, smartphones, virtual reality devices, cars, computers, and more. What do we know so far? Faraday Future
will be unveiling their concept

car, “a premium electric vehicle that combines extreme technology, industry leading range and holistic design”. Sony will be announcing the first range of OLED TVs .Other companies set to unveil new products include:

• Samsung
• Nvidia
• Bosch
• LG
• Blackberry

More announcements are usually made just ahead of the shows start date,
so look for press and new trending topics to emerge on January 3rd and January 4th, 2017.

What Not to Expect at CES

Google and Apple are both tech industry giants but we typically don’t see them at the show at all, let alone making any announcements for innovations.

They usually hold their own symposiums to launch their new products and make their own announcements. Amazon and Netflix might be in attendance, but we do not expect to see any big announcements from them at CES 2017. For more technology tips and news, check out Selby Acoustics.

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