Published On: Sun, Jul 3rd, 2016

Top Predictions for the Future of Technology

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Technology is playing an ever important role within many aspects of life, from jobs and health to entertainment – we are, quite literally, surrounded by tech. Some might argue that this is a great thing, others could suggest that it’s bad, however, whichever your views, technology is likely to have a deeper involvement within your life. Why? Technology is moving at a pace not seen before; it’s rapidly advancing. With that said, this article takes a look over some futuristic predictions. Let’s begin.

Top Predictions for the Future of Technology

Holograms: The Future of viewable Content

Remember 3D TV? This tech didn’t quite take off, but hologram tech are expected to offer something totally different. Importantly, it won’t require you to wear some glasses, which is partly why 3D TV didn’t take off as expected – people just didn’t want to wear them. Hologram technology is already here, and whilst in its infancy, is grabbing plenty of attention. The idea that you can go to an event and see a legend from the past is where hologram tech is growing from. Zooming into the future, you’d expect holograms to feature within smartphones, tablets, TVs and other devices – providing a true 3D vision to content.

Physical Media: The Return of the Cartridge

This is certainly a bold prediction, and many will be scratching their heads at this one. But you shouldn’t be. Why, I hear you ask. Well, firstly, whilst we are going more towards digital at an accelerated pace, many still look to own the media they’re buying. For the most part, when you purchase content digitally, you don’t really own it, and this is an issue for many. The console manufacture, Nintendo, are working on a new home entertainment system, and the patents suggest that it might contain a cartridge slot, just as their Nintendo 64 did. Interestingly, they may be able to hold much greater amounts of data within a modern form. It could even make Sony consider this option with their future PS5. Imagine nipping out to the store to buy a cartridge, now that’s very nostalgic, isn’t it? And, it might be a technology that returns soon.

Social Media: The crash of Facebook

Facebook seems undefeatable right now, yet it’s a website which is starting to lose users, that’s according to new research. Instagram is a social media site that many are turning to, which funnily enough, is owned by Facebook. The excitement factor that Facebook once had appears to be fading, and there are many alternatives that serve as a great platform to socialise on. Twitter is going through a transitional period and you can only expect new competitors to enter this expanding market in the near future. Imagine a world without Facebook, because we predict that it might lose users as quickly as is gained them – when might this happen? You’ll have to wait and see. However, many researchers believe that Facebook is bad, giving us humans a negative outlook on life – if this is true, then maybe we all need something a little less intrusive and more specifically tailored towards our own needs.

Games: The Rise of Web Browser Games

Funny isn’t it? We can now play games from a web browser that are better than those we once played on a SNES or SEGA MegaDrive. Just like the smartphone has enabled users to have access to millions of great games, Flash has allowed game developers to get creative, and whilst Adobe’s Flash is expected to be dropped from browsers, HTML5 will pave the way into the future. Poki Games are a fine example, providing many great and entertaining releases, you can even play .IO games, which are proving popular. Ultimately, the web browser will probably allow for some very advanced games, all without the need for an install.

Which technology advancements do you think will happen within the next decade? Do you think that our predictions will turn out to be true? Be sure to leave your valuable feedback with the comment section further down this page.

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