Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2020

Top Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids in 2020

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When you talk about Indian festivities and celebrations there is just one word that comes to our mind and that is grand. This is true in every aspect as these events are highly budgeted events and they put on a beautiful occasion for everyone involved.

One massive part of these festivities is the beautiful body art on women called Mehndi. Mehndi also called Henna is a kind of paste that is derived by crushing the leaves of the henna plant. This is drawn on the hands of the women to make that body part beautiful and gorgeous.

Today we are not just talking about mehndi for adults but we are providing various easy mehndi designs for kids as well. People of all ages like to look good and trendy so why must henna be limited to grown-ups. Even kids can enjoy looking attractive.

There is one massive difference is choosing the right mehndi for kids and adults as when we talk about the latter, they have the patience to sit through the mehndi application process but the kids are too eager to play and jump around to just sit at one place for mehndi to be done.

So, there are separate designs that are highly suitable for kids only keeping in mind their personality. Here, we have provided you with some of the best looking and easy to make mehndi designs for kids.

Simple Mehndi Design for Young Girls

  • Heart Design

As the name goes, it is a very basic and easy mehndi design for kids. This design includes a heart and baby girls love heart figures so it’s a great idea to draw a heart shaped mehndi for them.

  • Florals

This is a very beautiful and minimalistic mehndi design for kids and as you can see from the sample image below it includes flowers which too kids are fond of and they look good on small hands as well.

  • Simple Legs Design

This is a very cute mehndi design for babies and it includes drawing a singular flower on the feet and henna dots on each of the fingers.

  • Trail Design

This design not altogether easy and minimal but the same is also not very elaborate. This mehndi design is for the feet of your baby girl and includes flowers as well. Flowers seem to be a popular choice among the mehndi design for kids. There are little flowers on the fingers as well.

  • Haathpool Design

A Haathpool is a jewelry that is like a ring in the middle finger and there are fringes attached to it that go all the way around the wrist. This mehndi design is clearly inspired by this jewelry as you can witness from the picture below.

  • Rhino Cute Design

This is a very simple mehndi design it includes drawing a small smiling rhino on the arm of your baby and it is suitable for very little kids.

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