Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Top Tech Gears That Every College Student Would Love To Have

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The years at the university are all about fun and pressure, both at the same time. The excitement about enjoying some independence, while keeping yourself go with the flow can be nerve racking at times. To make those years fun-filled and seamless, here I have included some techs gears just for you.

Again, here I have made sure to avoid the campus essentials like a laptop and just gone with items that can add more glamour to the campus lifestyle while fulfilling the necessities. So they are:

Divoom AuraBox

If you are looking for some speakers just enough to boom in the room, get these speakers today itself. Apart from the music, the speakers come with LED display which you can use to display notifications, time, and much more using an app.


Lumie Bodyclock starter 30

Have trouble waking up using the alarm clock? Then it is time to say goodbye to the shrilling alarming sound and wake up to the light refreshed. This gear has a simulator that works 30 minutes and keeps on increasing the light in the room. This helps you to wake up without any sudden alarm sound.

Again, if you have trouble sleeping, then you can start the device and it will work 30 minutes in the reverse pattern and decrease the light in the room till everything gets dark. Add it your wish list today and get discount deals with Dealslands.

Moleskin Smart writing Set

During the college days, every student spends some time making notes. So if you want to get the digital print of the same, then better get this gear today itself. It offers a convenient way to convert your notes on the paper simply to the digital platform.

This means whatever you write or draw on the paper can be seamlessly digitised or transcribed. Again, you have the leisure to modify them using different colour and design patterns.

Tefal Slice Toast n Bean

Late in the morning? No time for a decent breakfast? This is your hit. The toaster lets you heat up to 200g of beans while you toast two slices of bread in the toaster. No doubt this amazing thing has to be one of the important weapons in their arsenal.

Fitbit Charge HR

New lifestyle, changed eating habits, and everything can take a toll on your health. So to improve your health and keep yourself motivated for the same, go for the Fitbit Charge HR. It helps to monitor heart rate, calories, sleep pattern as well as daily steps. To use the app better, you can even download the app on your smartphone and monitor your progress. If you want more options, then you can browse more at online store.

Amazon Kindle

Gone are the days when students used to carry heavy books to college. Now get your Amazon Kindle today and change the way you used to love your books. You can easily find thousands of books in the Kindle store along with a massive collection of academic texts. Again, it is easy to make notes on Kindle and save for your future references.

I am sure that youngsters are definitely going to like these gears.

So if you feel these ones are going to to be a hit during your college days, buy them today itself.

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