Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015

Torture on Indians continues by Australians, this time a woman!!

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Monday’s report said that in Sydney Park a mother was stabbed to death,while she was having telephonic conversation with her husband in India,suddenly she was brutally attacked.41 years old  Prabha Arun Kumar IT professional  was stabbed when she took the shortcut   home  on Saturday night at around 21:30 hours in city’s west Parramatta Park on Saturday.

The local news agencies wrote that her conversation ended with her stating ‘he stabbed me darling’ to her husband Arun Kumar and the conversation ended shortly.A by-passer found out the woman soon after the incident and ran to the hospital but doctors could not help the victim as she had lost required amount of blood, her home was just at the distance of 300 metres.

 Police  Superintendent Wayne Cox  termed the attack to be a horrific one without any stretch of imagination.After the phone conversation the woman’s husband came back to Australia which is residing place of Kumar’s family including year old daughter, but soon husband was said that her wife has taken eternal rest.Prabha Kumar never wished to seek help from anyone after completing her task at late hours while arriving at Parramatta train junction  at 21 hours”  said    apartment mate of dead woman .

Despite she choose to move alone , she was stabbed near walkway near tree lined , possible reason for asking help could be due to her habit of
working late  flatmate of Kumar was identified as Sarada  who agreed to talk with the news agencies ,Its always a risky task to walk in the park after its dark but even though she decided to follow her rituals of working late night and work alone personally warned her about her practice said Sarada

 People over the recent murder zone stops civilians   demanding money sometimes even $2 so I suggested her to avoid the same path said Sarada I am feeling uncomfortable to deal with the child and especially her husband with whom I share special bonds we were all good friends She had a good family with sudden disaster dropping in their life, I used to be in contact with them, each day I used to call her husband after completing the official task.No one has been arrested so far but police has called on the investigation

Waves of worry arises now between Australians and Indians  after the recent murder of  a woman  there is instance of   same type attack in the
past  when  a Indian student was killed in the year 2010  named Nitin Garga Punjabman  aged only 21  was stabbed  to death when he was on walk  , he worked in a fast food restaurant in Melbourne,

Numbers of Indian tourist were also picked up while they were in Australia,on the other side India’s most sought leader termed the Indo-Australian relation to be warmer  during his 2014 visit.


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