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Toy Story 3 Film Review

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Pixar isn’t known for cranking out sequels. Toy Story is the only Pixar production to receive not only one sequel, but two. There are discussions and gossip of a Cars 2 or a Monsters Inc 2 but as of right now Toy Story is their only film to be treated with a continuing story. It’s a good thing too because Toy Story 3 proves to be an excellent film and a brilliant follow up.

Toy Story 3 Film Review

Andy Goes To College – The Plot Of Toy Story 3

It’s Finally arrived, Andy is going off to college and the toy’s are uncertain of their future. Andy’s mother wants him to go through his stuff and decide what to throw away and what to go to the attic. Mistakenly Andy’s mom throws all of his old toys to the curb. Disheartened the toys put themselves in a donation box headed for a daycare. Woody tries to convince the toys that the trip to the garbage was all a mistake but his friends won’t hear him out. So the toys find comfort in their new home but it doesn’t last long.

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 Has It All

In the vein of Pixar’s last effort, Up, Toy Story 3 is jam packed with emotion. Moments filled with sadness, nostalgia, hilarity, anger and even fear. Each moment carries with it a sincerity that is difficult to find and achieve with an animated feature.

Having followed these characters for two previous films audiences will find themselves truly attached to the characters, even the secondary characters. Even the characters from the original two films that aren’t in the third film are missed despite the fact that they all played such small roles. It’s uncanny how Pixar can craft such lovable and memorable characters.

The animation, as always, is stellar. It feels like watching a live action film and it’s easy to forget that the movie is all animation. Pixar has the ability to do a lot spectacular things with their animation and they don’t hold back – utilizing their environments and characters to the fullest.

Summing Up Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is an excellent animated feature on par with all of Pixar’s other outstanding films. It has something for everyone and should not be passed up. An instant classic.

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