Published On: Sun, Feb 2nd, 2014

Two Manipuri Woman attacked in Delhi

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Just after a few days when a boy from Arunachal Pradesh was killed after being thrashed by some people, in a fresh incident two Manipuri woman were allegedly beaten up and thrashed by local goons. She said that it was when she was going to a shop to buy some herb, she was attacked by them.

She said that what provoked the men to attack them was the fallout of their prank targeting the latter. She had kicked a dog in panic, as a reflex action, when she found its leash tied to her boots. She said that they were harassed regularly. “No one came to help us”, she said. “Life has become a struggle for us in Delhi”, she said.

Later on when a few of her friends came to her rescue they were also not spared. They were also beaten up allegedly. The trouble for the girls seemed to have no end. When they went to kotla mubarakpur police station, the cops refused to register the FIR. After too much harassment and intervention of a lot of people, a case was registered finally but no arrests were made. The girls are living in fear and are searching for a new accommodation.

Such incidences speak a lot about the way things stand in our country. Why do our people don’t feel safe in their own country? A lot of value still remains to be developed in us. We should remember that each and every one of us is an Indian and if history has united us then we are no one to discriminate anyone.

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