Published On: Mon, Nov 11th, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan LIVE: Philippines ruins ‘just like matchsticks flung inland’

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3:00 pm: How can you beat that typhoon? asks Defence chief

Calling the typhoon as the “strongest on Earth”, the country’s defence chief Voltaire Gazmin expressed exasperation when asked if the government’s response had not been prompt.

“How can you beat that typhoon?” Reuters quoted him as saying. “It’s the strongest on Earth. We’ve done everything we can, we had lots of preparation. It’s a lesson for us,” he added.

2: 30 pm: Typhoon ruins: ‘Just like matchsticks flung inland’

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The spectacle of devastation and destruction unleashed by the deadly typhoon was described as horrific by the Interior Secretary, Manuel Roxas who said, “From the shore and moving a kilometre inland, there are no structures standing. I don’t know how to describe what I saw… It’s horrific.” He added: “Imagine … all the shanties, everything, destroyed. They were just like matchsticks flung inland.”

Also, Jane Cocking, the humanitarian director for Oxfam, said her colleagues witnessed “complete devastation… entire parts of the coastline just disappeared, and sizable trees just bent over and [were] thrown about like matchsticks,” reported the BBC.

2:00 pm: Disasters Emergency Committee raises 1.1 billion pounds for relief work

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella group comprising fourteen UK charities, has raised a remarkable figure of 1.1 billion pounds to help the typhoon-hit nation and it will also make an appeal to mobilise humanitarian aid to the disaster-hit Philippines, reported the guardian.

The group that includes Oxfam and UK Red Cross, is well known for having raised £392 million in 2004’s Indian Ocean Tsunami and £107 million for the earthquake in Haiti.

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