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Vegetarian Food Ideas for Christmas

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Cooking for vegetarians at Christmas can pose an interesting challenge for a person accustomed to eating omnivorously. Those of us who’ve had vegetarian holiday food, though, know it’s really not so difficult! Here are the key terms to remember, and some recipe ideas for the road.

Rethink the “Main Dish, Side Dish” Philosophy

Omnivores in Western cultures usually think of meals in terms of main dishes and side dishes: main dishes have meat in them, and side dishes don’t. Right?

Wrong! – at least when cooking for vegetarians. A vegetarian feast meal is more of an egalitarian anarchy, with foods equal in status. Most of the dishes usually have some protein, some fat and some carbohydrate, rather than putting all the protein and fat in one bowl and all the carbohydrate in another. There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, it’s wise to keep in mind.

The misconception that vegetarians eat mostly salad comes from this hierarchical concept of eating. A few might be picky or on diets, but in most cases vegetarians and vegans are hearty eaters who are glad to accept a good square meal.

Fancy Vegetarian & Vegan Holiday Dishes

An artichoke, served with lemon juice, butter, olive oil, mayonnaise, or Earth Balance vegan margarine, makes a great feast dish for vegetarians and vegans.

Portobello mushrooms are not much like meat, but they have a fair amount of protein for a vegetable (well, actually, fungus;) they’re juicy, they roast well, they grill well, and they soak up seasonings and spices like mad, so these versatile fungi can be done up the same way as most whole meats. In general, they need to be cooked half an hour or so.

Filling Vegetarian & Vegan Holiday Dishes

Vegetarian Food Ideas for Christmas

Beans are a vegetarian staple. A hot lentil or bean salad with pan-fried onions, balsamic or apple cider vinegar and olive oil over it makes a festive and hearty centerpiece or a perfectly balanced meal in its own right.

Roasted vegetables make a great dish that’s somewhere between “main dish” and “side dish”. In order of longest to shortest cooking time, beets, potatoes (red or other small gourmet varieties), yams and sweet potatoes, carrots and bell peppers and onions, all roast deliciously in about forty-five minutes.

For vegetarians who aren’t vegan, a lasagna or gratin can be a very filling central dish. The advanced class can attempt versions of these with ground tofu instead of cheese for the vegans.

Another treat traditionally suitable for Hanukkah but re-purposable for Christmas is the potato latke: fried pancakes of ground potatoes, eggs, onions and flour. Yum!

Don’t Panic – Cooking for Vegetarians is Easy

Finally, don’t worry too much: just pay attention to the dietary needs of holiday guests. It’s most important to know what people can and can’t eat, and be careful about that. Vegetarians, in general, are very glad to find that someone remembers to feed them, so that they don’t have to graze off side dishes!

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