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Becoming a fashionista comes naturally to some people but others may need a few tips on how to become a fashionista. For those girls who aspire to be a fashionista it may be not as hard as you think. Here are some of the tips to be a fashionista. These will help you hone your fashion sense and have you embracing your inner fashionista in no time!


1) Get inspiration

A fashionista doesn’t just come up with these outfits by chance. You need to study up on fashion. Start with the magazines. These have some advice on fashion. Besides that from online blogs, designer fashion shows, pop culture and even the people you see on the streets—inspiration is everywhere. Incorporating the trends and fashion you see on the runway with your own style is one of the key tips on becoming a fashionista. For latest trends and fashion go on

2) Have Confidence

It is the prime accessory to be a fashionista. Be confident of your choice.  When you will appreciate then only others will appreciate your outfit. If you are looking good others will believe it too. Walk tall, stand proud and make sure everyone knows that you are sure about your looking fabulous. Remember, for a fashionista every sidewalk is a runway. For building up the confidence in your outfit, visit

3) Don’t spend too much

You don’t have to spend extravagantly to look like a million bucks. You can even buy stuff from local stores or even anybody’s home to save some money. Feeling after wearing a dress matters the most, not its price tag. To buy cost effective dresses log on to

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4) Mix and Match

To be a fashionista it’s essential to have a great sense of fashion so that you can mix and match not only different prints and patterns but styles also. You can look sweet and tough at the same time. You can wear two completely contrasting and random patterns at the same time and make it look incredible. To help you in doing so use Flipkart coupons. Flipkart coupons and deals will enable you to choose from a large variety and saving for you some bucks too.

5) Show it off

Don’t limit yourself to your clothing. Decorate your room to reflect your new found style of fashionista. Hang up photographs and posters of favourite fashion personalities to inspire your fashion sense every day. For fashion accessories to decorate your room visit one stop shop for your every need for being a fashionista.

6) Get creative

Get creative with your outfits. Try something new all the time and incorporate a new style you wouldn’t normally try. Creativity is one of the basic requirements of being a fashionista. Don’t try anything until it’s fabulous. You have to be decent too. For fabulous decent dresses, to be a fashionista log on to

5) Have fun

It should be fun for you to go shopping and try on new outfits. Clothes should be a way to express yourself and you should have fun with everything you do involving clothing, shoes and accessories. To enjoy shopping go on Your shopping experience will be fun filled.

6) Don’t go for shopping alone

Always take a friend shopping with you because they can see the fitting and suitability of the clothes on you. Don’t take offensive because they are suggesting you the right thing. You can shop for clothes without even stepping out of your home online from

7) Don’t be too colorful

Wear a maximum of four colours at any one time. More than that will make you look putting together. For elegant colourful dresses browse your own portal to make you fashionista.

8) Keep your closet tidy

There is an old saying “look after your clothes and they will look after you”. If you keep your clothes properly and look after them, you will always look great and have no trouble choosing what to wear. Other place than your closet is through which you can enrich your wardrobe.

9) Be a keen observer

Be alert and observe other people’s style around you. If you like something try to look around for it. To search for the dresses of your desire search on

10) Give yourself some time

Take out some time for yourself. Take care of your appearance, dress, and jewellery, make up etc. Take care of your body and products needed for taking your personal care can be checked out on

Being a fashionista requires a fashion destination. eBay coupons and deals give you a chance to be a fashionista and saving money too. Use eBay coupons to get the best deals.


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