Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

What Everyone Should Know About carpet flooring?

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Most homeowners think that choosing a carpet floor is all about selecting the ideal material and design, choosing something that fits your budget, and something that will last longer. These are essential factors, but there are a few more important points to be known before you choose carpet flooring. The following guide will provide you this additional information so that you will always make a sound decision with your flooring options.

Choosing the Pile

There are different styles of pile and you will do best by checking the samples up close. It could be left intact as loop pile or it could be cut pile. You should touch and feel the samples to tell the difference. Then, you will have to choose the height of the pile. Velvet piles are shorter. Deeper pile gives you a more luxurious feel. If you want a carpet floor that is easier to clean, choose a short pile. Keep in mind that the carpet label must mention the fiber material and its country of origin. This is mandatory under law, and you don’t want to choose any carpet that doesn’t have this information.

Maintenance Required for Carpet Floors

Your carpet floor will require regular cleaning. It will be best to have all the knowledge prior to making the purchase. Different cleaning methods are required for different types of fiber. Without concern for the type of carpet flooring you will be choosing, it is essential to vacuum with rotating head at least once a week. But care should be taken that more delicate fiber and hand-woven carpets are better vacuumed without the rotating heads.

The way the pile is cut and its shape will affect the carpet’s looks and feel. So make sure to master this technical aspect before you choose the flooring for your home.

Velvet Carpets

If you are obsessed with velvet carpets, as many homeowners are, there are a few things to know about this type of flooring. It is soft. It has dense, uniform and soft pile. Velvet will give you a matte finish. It may not be the most durable carpet material you will be choosing. The uniform surface will expose any tracks and grooves.

Wool Carpets

You want to choose wool for your carpets. It is soft, comfy, and extremely elegant. The fiber is also durable, pleasing to the touch and doesn’t cause any static-related issues. But you should also know that wool is costlier. It is one of the costliest fibers for carpets. But this higher cost comes with all these advantages. It is fire-resistant, stain-resistant and slightly flexible. But keep in mind that wool will shed during the initial phase of use.

So before you choose carpet flooring for your home, or for your office, keep these points in mind.

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