Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

What is Customer Loyalty and How to Improve Sales

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Sales managers often define customer loyalty as a feeling versus attaching hard data to actual loyalty levels. According to the authors, loyal customers will continue to buy, continue to allocate a higher percentage of their spending, and will be more willing to recommend a company or a sales representative to others.

What is Customer Loyalty and How to Improve Sales

The book details several ways to determine customer loyalties including using a good survey or building a panel or focus group.

The authors wrote, “Knowing how customers feel and how they actually behave allows us to gauge the firm’s level of loyal customers more accurately. It is simply the percentage of customers who both feel loyal and act loyal (e.g., give the majority of their share of wallet to the firm when making purchases in the category).”

Being a good sales and or marketer requires ongoing training to keep professional skills up-to-date, and tons of reading including the newspaper, trade and consumer magazines and books to keep current with the latest trends.

While the book, Why Loyalty Matters, explores different kinds of loyalty, faith and loyalty, a loyal society, and the personal side of being loyal, the business lessons it teaches are immense and vital to success.

Understanding one’s customer base is required in order to feeling loyal to that customer base. Professional sales persons, marketers and public relations professionals can all take something away from this book.

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