Published On: Sun, May 28th, 2017

What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones (Part I)

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A new malware has just hit the Android phones globally. It is called Judy and millions of smartphone users have become victim. It has spread from Google’s play store. Let’s find out details about Judy malware even if you are not yet infected from the virus.

What is Judy malware

Check Point blog post writes lately the July malware was discovered by them recently on Google Play. It is an auto-clicking adware and was housed on 41 apps which were developed by a Korean company.

The company further adds that Judy malware had been hiding in app code for past more than one year and the linked apps have been downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million times. It is yet to get figure about how many devices are affected by it.

What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones

Judy malware infects and what happens

As Judy malware is an adware, it tries to make money by creating fake ad clicks after infecting an Android smartphone. After infection the app connects to a Control & Command centre of its creatorss. It bypasses Google Play’s protection termed Bouncer by a seemingly benign bridgehead app.

Check Point writes the Judy malware seems not made for the stealing purpose of information, but only to generate fake ad clicks and make money for its masters.

However, it is quite possible for the creators to steal information of users from a phone.

One another investigation report reveals the Judy malware has been developed by Korean company Kiniwini and it has been registered as ENISTUDIO corp on Google Play.

What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones (Part II)

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