Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones (Part II)

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What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones (Part I)

Should Android user worry

As Google’s Bouncer protection has failed in this case, it is better to be preventive. It is a worrisome for Android users even though Google regularly claims it scams the Play store for malicious apps and threats. It is highly suggested to be careful while downloading apps.

Check Point said they have reported to Google about the rogue apps that contain code of Judy malware and Google Play store has deleted those apps.

However, users should still be very careful about downloading unknown apps.

What Is Judy Malware, How It Infects Android Phones

How to know your phone is affected

There is hardly any tool to find out whether Judy malware has been installed on your phone. Check frequently from reviews, news and other sources which apps are harmful and see whether you have installed any of those. If yes, format your phone immediately.


Smartphone has become an important part of our life and you should be very careful while handling it. Always know what you are doing on it. If you find something suspicious, report to Google and avoid using the link or downloading the apps. Only install those apps on which you are confident and know from other sources that those are authentic and free of such malware. Don’t risk your phone and yourself unnecessarily.

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