Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

What Is Samsung SUHD?

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The newest like of TVs from Samsung is the SUHD. This is basically a new term that is utilized but the units are actually based on LCD technology, which we all know about. Various really expensive TV sets are launched at the moment under this SUHD label, with UHD basically being the industry term for “Ultra High Definition”. This is actually the not so popular way of saying 4K technology. According to Samsung, the S in the name does not actually stand for anything, being used only in order to highlight flagship products launched by the company, just like the new Galaxy S.

Getting Back To LED TV Sets

If you talk to someone that really knows a lot about TV sets and technology used in them, you will learn that the Samsung SUHD line is basically one that features LCD TV sets that have UHD/4k resolutions, together with various extra features that were not available in the past. It is those features that are actually interesting and that create the difference, acknowledging the high price tag.

The only problem is that these devices are marketed in a way in which it seems like SUHD is a brand new thing on the market, a new technology. This is definitely not the case. The core of the units is offered by LCD technology, LED-backlit, with the addition of 4K Ultra HD resolution. The only real difference that automatically stands out to the eye of the viewer is the curved screen.

Leaving marketing aside, Samsung SUHD stands out as a tremendous line of high end TV sets that bring in so many extra features that do improve overall LCD picture quality. You can see that through the Jurassic World bundle that is now available, offering free exclusive content from the movie so that the technology in the TV sets can be properly highlighted. Obviously, not all the movies you would rent can bring in all that the line can offer.

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