Published On: Sun, Nov 16th, 2014

WhatsApp Users Can Disable New Blue Ticks Feature

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WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app used by many Smartphone users in India to communicate and share messages between friends, relatives and businesses. The popularity of WhatsApp is on the rise in India. It was only just a few days back that WhatsApp came out with a new service that allows its users the option to know whether or not a WhatsApp message is read or not. This new service is called the Blue Ticks. So, if your friend reads your message, you will know about it through the Blue Ticks feature. The company is now looking to make this as an optional feature.

WhatsApp Users Can Disable New Blue Ticks Feature

According to several users who have downloaded the WhatsApp feature on their Smartphone directly from the WhatsApp site, the Blue Ticks feature also gets downloaded with it by default. But, the latest versions have a feature that will allow WhatsApp user to go into the settings and undo the Blue Ticks option. This will result in the user from getting information on whether the message that they have sent is read or not. The “last seen” feature of WhatsApp is more or less similar to the new Blue Ticks feature and this feature also can now be turned off by the user by visiting the WhatsApp settings.

Once you turn off the Blue Ticks feature in your WhatsApp app you will not get the read receipts information for the message that you have sent. The people who are communicating with you will also not get the read receipts information for their messages. The only problem here is that the level of privacy that you seek in WhatsApp will also be given to the people with whom you are communicating. There is a bit of danger in the Blue Ticks feature. Your privacy is at stake when you use the feature as the new message sender will instantly know whether you have read his or her message with the Blue Ticks feature even though you are not interested in going forward with the conversation.

This was not acceptable to many of the WhatsApp users and this resulted in widespread outrage among many of the young WhatsApp users. So, the company has now offered the option for WhatsApp users to turn of the Blue Ticks feature by going into the settings option if they do not want to reveal to users as to whether their message was read or not. With this new roll back, users who wish this option can keep it and others can turn it off by visiting the settings option.

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