Published On: Tue, Sep 20th, 2016

Why Africa Is the Next Betting Continent

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The African economy, both the continent taken as a whole, and especially the economies of particular countries, has been growing in the past few years. This growth reflects in the use of technology and technological devices, which has not been the case previously. The number of people who have a computer and/or smartphone grows on a daily basis.

Percentage of people who own smartphones in the Middle East and Africa:

• 2011 – 2.6%
• 2012 – 5.1%
• 2013 – 6.9%
• 2014 – 8.9%
• 2015 – 10.8%

As you can see from the figures above, the percentage of people who have smartphones grows rapidly and it is estimated that by 2018, almost 15% in the region will be smartphone owners. Not to mention the fact that in some parts of Africa this percentage is a lot higher than the average.

With the economic growth and better employment opportunities, a larger number of people have disposable income. A survey from 2014 shows that students in South Africa spend 5,000 ZAR on entertainment per month. And it is not only South Africa. Young people in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and elsewhere have become more independent and have more spending money available.

A Great Opportunity to Make Money

People who are well-off by African standards, and especially people who are poorer are constantly looking for ways to improve their financial situation and earn more money. And, again, the internet is the land of opportunities, especially for young Africans. Casino gaming and gambling in general has been popular in certain parts of Africa for quite a while now.


Whereas there are certain countries which have been all gambling related activities, in many countries both casino gaming and sports betting are legal and the market is fully liberalised.

• South Africa
• Zimbabwe
• Tanzania
• Kenya
• Nigeria
• Ghana

The above are only several of the African countries where sports betting is legal and regulated and it is possible for operators to offer both on- and offline betting services.

With the introduction of online and, especially, mobile betting and casino gaming, people no longer need to travel, often for hours, to make a wager. An opportunity to earn money is literally one click away. Not to mention that it is a lot of fun as well.

A Lot of Websites to Choose from

Casino operators are very creative and client-oriented, they do everything within their power to attract more players. They offer various bonuses, introduce new games on a regular basis and accept multiple payment methods. Deciding which online casino or betting site is worth your while is often the most difficult task for every player and/or potential player.

That is why there are dedicated websites whose job it is to rate casino and betting websites and provide useful information on new and existing operators. Check which websites will be revealed at Zebra Casino in 2017 if you’re a South African looking for an online casino.

Africans Care about Sports

Many Africans are quite fanatical about sport. Different sports are popular in different countries of the continent. While some enjoy watching and playing football, other prefer rugby or cricket. The enthusiasm is pretty much the same. It can very well be said that people in Africa, both male and female know a lot about sports.


Clearly, nobody would miss out on an opportunity to use that acquired knowledge and earn some money. Sports betting has been popular for many decades, especially in former British colonies, where horse racing and betting on horse racing is seen as a tradition. Sports betting has been popularised even more when the first high street betting shops were opened and it became possible to bet on sports like football and rugby.

The Tendency Is Obvious

Bearing in mind what has been said above it is clear that interest in sports betting isn’t likely to fade. On the contrary, with the growing number of people who have internet access and own smartphones, we can only expect a further growth of the sports betting industry across Africa.

For many Africans sports betting is more than just a hobby and some make quite a lot of money on it. The number of punters will keep rising and it is safe to assume that most of the betting in the future will be mobile betting. The technological developments, internet access and the people’s love of sports are the main reasons why Africa is the next betting continent.

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