Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

Why Corporate Gifts Bearing Company Logo Is More Important Than You Think

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Giving corporate gifts to clients has many advantages, and the most significant one is that it helps in increasing the brand recall and client loyalty. By supporting brand recall, corporate gifts can help increase the size of orders and order frequency, resulting in more revenue.


Corporate gifts carry the name and logo of the company. With time more and more people in the market get accustomed to it. Brand presence and brand visibility increases at a larger audience. Implementing effective strategy in the distribution process of corporate gifts to esteemed clients further enhances reputation of the company. So it is suggested to select a gift that is useful and related to your own line of business. This makes identifying your segment of business stronger, ensuring more business prospects in future.

How will I know how much to spend on my corporate gifts?

The important aspect while gifting is to calculate on the cost margin and the golden rule is to just spend somewhere between $1 to $5 per person, or per gift. Most of the industry players follow the golden rule, but various other factors also play key role like the industry in which your clients are operating and of course the preferences and choices of your clients. More to this, you need to also consider how much business you have obtained from the clients till date. If a client places a large order, it is suggested to spend more for the person or company by offering good quality and costly gift instead to go for a cheap promotional mug. Keeping the loyalty of your good customers is priceless, and can be considered as a long term investment.

Why internal branding is also important

Corporate gifts are not only for customers, but rather a key way of boosting workers moral and motivation. Always remember that corporate gifts are the best way to strengthen the bond with your employees, and appreciating their efforts and performances. Printed coffee mugs with your logo, caps, fridge magnets, engraved pens, mouse pads, etc. are ideal for distributing during any event or festivals as a token of recognition. To acknowledge the relationship, it is also suggested to engrave their names on these items, when appropriate, which will make the gift even more personal. The most important thing is to remember that the quality of the corporate gift is good, and that they are wrapped with industry standard packaging. Screen printed T shirts with your company logo may do wonders and such custom shirts can be worn during weekends.

Gifts can be informative, too!

Another great way to create brand awareness is by gifting promotional mugs with a printed logo of your company as well as important contact details like your website URL, email address and phone numbers. Make sure the font size of the details is big enough to make those easily readable when printed.

Corporate gifts are signs of appreciation for your workers, a way to signify that you are thankful for the efforts of your employees. You can use some inspirational phrases such as “Pride of The Team” or “Star of The Month”.It has been seen employees value such initiatives of the company as they feel the hard work is awarded. This even inspires other employees to become more loyal to the company.

What are the most common corporate gifts?

Promotional pens are common and low cost corporate gifts which are widely accepted. Pens are useful and have a long time usage. Promotional pens engraved with your company name and logo can be in many minds for a long time. With advancing printing methodology, the engraving can be done by laser that is necessary to make the promotional pen a unique personalized gift.

Where can I buy corporate gifts?

If your personalized gifts are for everybody in the company, then it would be judicious to buy these items from a trusted vendor who can give you a good deal for buying in bulk quantity. Apart from local dealers there are many other reputed vendors available online from whom you can buy your required corporate gifts at a less and a reasonable price.

Remember – personal is always better!

It’s better to make your corporate gifts and promotional items personalized. With modern technology it has become easier to make the corporate gifts more personalized by implementing new printing methodology. You can personalize by engraving name of the company, logo as well, and other details of your business.

Your logo is your company’s public face – use it wisely!

For those who are thinking that making a logo for the company is a huge task and requires an expert graphic designer, think again! The solution comes from a website solution company called Wix. They have now emerged as the best logo maker in the industry with automated features to help even a layman to create the best designed corporate logo for the company. The steps are easy, with a useful guide at every level of making the logo.

Wix Logo Maker is a great low-cost solution for companies and entrepreneur, providing a unique and high quality logo that your clients will remember.

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