Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

Why Is Rummy the Best Entertainment in Social Gatherings?

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Our nation has always been proud of its rummy legacy. People love this game and make it a part of most social gatherings. While it came from the west, today there is a national version of the game called Indian Rummy for us to boast of. So, what exactly is the reason for the game’s popularity? Here are some of the common reasons we could come up with:


Most People Know the Game

In India, be it east or west of the nation, people know this game. Rummy game is pretty popular and people enjoy playing it with friends and dear ones. That is one main reason why the game is a sure-shot hit during social gatherings. Since the game is known to most, you don’t have to go through the ordeal of teaching the game to someone right from the start. You may just roughly state the rules of the variation you plan to play. This saves ample time compared to teaching the game from its ABC.

Those Who Don’t Know Can Learn

Unlike many card games that require weeks of observation to understand the game, rummy card game is much simpler. This means that a person won’t take ages to learn the game or participate in a round of rummy. Now, what more do you expect from a game played in parties and social gatherings? This is another reason that the game is almost always a part of social gatherings.

The Number of Members is Flexible

Most card games restrict the number of players in a round to four. The beauty of rummy is that it is flexible. This means, the game can be played between two or more players simply by altering the number of decks. This means, during a round of rummy, no one will have to sit awaiting the next round. This makes it a superb choice for all gatherings.

The Age Group of Players is Flexible

Since the game is easy to grasp, people of different age groups can enjoy the game together without any qualms. You can actually entertain a guest of 6 and a guest of 60 at the same time with a round of rummy. Everyone enjoys the game. While it entertains the old and keeps them busy, it helps the young learn and grasp.

Rummy Gives Every Player New Skills

It is a win-win situation for all when you play rummy. Rummy players acquire new skills that may help them in other facets of life. A good rummy player is a good organiser. Frequent playing helps them organise better. Probability is also involved in guessing the opponent’s turn during rummy. Thus, playing rummy frequently enhances your understanding of probability. Apart from this, rummy also enhances your decision-making skills. During the game, you need to decide when to quit or when to use the joker and where. These decisions decide your victory in the game.

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