Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd, 2015

Why It’s Smart to Have a Separate Email for Social Media

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Social media has merged into our daily lives so significantly that there is hardly any distinction between personal and official lives. We have our business mails and social media alerts flowing in side by side, always at competition with each other. If you happen to be an obsessed social media user, your productivity can dip into its all-time low as you will have time only to clear your social media mails and not your business mails. This is why we recommend separating your private and business online presence so that there is enough breathing space for both.


Social media websites, especially the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a crooked way of winning your attention. They make it a point to fire quick emails to your mail id’s on a daily basis to keep you engaged and active on their websites. This means that your inbox will be flooded with notifications and alerts about from friends about their birthdays, your cousin’s honeymoon, and everything else your social media activity no matter how hard you try to avert them.


You can never ignore these alerts nor do you want to be pestered by them on a regular basis. Hence, having a separate email exclusively for social media will be a smart move that will help you balance your personal and professional lives easily.


The pros of having a separate email for social media can be summarized as below:


  • Better work life boundaries


Unless you are a social media marketer whose lives revolves around getting every possible social media alerts, you will never repent for having a separate email for social media. With a separate email account you will be demarcate work-life boundaries in a better way without much hassles.


  • Clutter free inbox

Although, you might have to log into multiple accounts, it does give a great deal of comfort of having a clutter free inbox. Thankfully, Google provides users with multiple Gmail Login for users from their smartphones. You can manage two email accounts from the same device without having to signing in and signing out frequently.


  • Shopping and other alerts kept separate


You can add another email account which can be configured to receive only social media mails, alerts and subscriptions. In fact, you can also such a website to get mails from Amazon, Target, Flipkart and such online stores. Not only will this free space in your inbox but will also give you the advantage of having priority mails always on the top.


In today’s world social media is inevitable. It is important to get connected to new people, different ideas and in knowing to what is happening around is. Having a separate Gmail login for official and social media will improve your productivity manifold and helps you maintain equilibrium between personal and professional life without sacrificing either. You are more likely to have a streamlined and organized way of living with less clutter that will drain your attention all day long.


As a matter of fact, you might even find more time for each of them as you are able to give your complete focus without any distractions.

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