Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Why Not To Opt For Alternative To Traditional Cable

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Traditional cable is always the best, but some thinks the other alternative offers better and cheaper television viewing. One of the first reasons to think of quitting is the subscriptions come bundled with unwanted channels too. However, if taken a quick look to other option such as Netflix, Sling TV and Amazon Prime, these providers too offers unwilling channels with the packages.

Why Not To Opt For Alternative To Traditional Cable

The second big reason would be in terms of cheaper option to watch television. The $10 per month subscription of Netflix may attract many. Similarly the $50 per month offer from PlayStation Vue. However, considering everything, the installation charges for add-ons and hidden charges, the spending may mathematically be more than the cable.

In terms of watching live events, traditional cable is the best as other providers don’t cover all the events like ESPN is only available on Sling TV and viewers of Netflix and Amazon are deprived of it. More to this, the MLB TV, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, NBA TV, and MSG are not available through these services.

Apart from all these, the Internet will become lifeblood without traditional cable. A high-speed connection is required to watch the channels. In fact the ISP should assure HD channels could be watched smoothly.

Still thinking of switching to other services in place of traditional cable? Do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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