Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

Will China Become A Superpower

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Nothing grabs the contemporary world’s attention more than the rise of the communist state of China. The nation is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It also enjoys the status of being a major nuclear power and has the third largest economy of the world. An endless debate is about whether China will emerge as a full fledged superpower surpassing the United States. There exist a number of factors in favor of and against this proposition.

Bolstering Factors

Let us first look at factors that favor the emergence of China as a superpower. The country has ample natural resources by virtue of being one of the largest countries in the world. It has the largest human population in the world, well over a billion. China boasts of having one of the biggest armed forces in the world coupled with an impressive nuclear arsenal. It has earned the tag of being the workshop of the world thanks to its manufacturing prowess. China’s economy has grown at a staggering pace since economic reforms were initiated in 1978. Some of the economic reforms included expanding rural income and incentives, reducing central planning, encouraging experiments in enterprise autonomy and establishing direct foreign investment. The per capita income of China has grown at well over 8% and average annual GDP growth has been well over 10% since 1978.

China also is pursuing a cautious non- confrontionist policy with major powers so as to not hinder its spectacular growth. Most of the world also do not seek conflict with this rising power and thus the current environment is advantageous to China’s ascent. Also the current superpower the United States has adopted a conciliatory approach to China’s rise.

Unfavorable Factors

China’s strictly enforced one child per family will lead to the graying of the population. An aging workforce will lead to diminished growth. The country’s huge population and higher standards of living means that there is pressure on resources like food, water and oil.

Will China Become A Superpower

There is vast disparity in income levels between the rural and urban population. This may lead to unrest and stifle economic growth. The growth at any cost policy has lead to environmental degradation. According to Forbes magazine all the ten most polluted cities in the world are found in China such as Linfen in Shanxi province and Tianying.The upstream of the Huang River lost nearly a quarter of its volume in the early 1990s, causing worsening flood problems. Air pollution causes up to 1,750,000 premature deaths every year.

There are secessionist movements in the provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang. Though the communist party has kept the country united no one knows what will happen if the government collapses.

Unless poverty is tackled, China cannot claim to be a genuine super power. China’s economic growth has been largely driven by exports such as toys, electronic gadgets and home appliances. If other countries adopt protectionist policies against Chinese goods, China’s exports will be seriously affected. China’s military although huge has obsolete and poor quality equipment.

In conclusion one really cannot predict the future. It remains to be seen whether China will realize its superpower potential.

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