Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

Will Wi-Fi Sense In Windows 10 Share Your Wi-Fi Passwords To Friends?

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It is lately well speculated, and is also a matter of concern, the new Wi-Fi Sense feature in the Windows 10 will automatically share your Wi-Fi passwords to all the contacts in your Skype and Outlook without your knowledge. It is also rumored the same will be shared to Facebook friends and to friends’ friends as well.

The Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature that allows sharing of the Wi-Fi connection with others. It is way easier for visitors to connect to available networks.

Well, the truth is different. It will never share your passwords with others even though allowing them to use the connection. Here, the passwords are encrypted and is stored on the servers of Microsoft. This restricts visibility to other users.

This is not the first time the idea is being implemented, though earlier it didn’t get highlighted. Electronic Frontier Foundation, electronic rights group, has something similar in their Open Wireless Movement. Also, the Wi-Fi Sense too is not new. Microsoft had earlier rolled it with Windows Phone 8.1. As very few people use smartphone run on Windows Phone, much attention to it was not gathered.

Wi-Fi Sense comes as turned on with the operating system, but to make others use the network users need to click on allow access. Also, users of Windows 10 enjoy full control on which network to share and which group from the contact can share the network.

A note from ComputerWorld writes Wi-Fi Sense cannot be used by those corporate networks that use 802.1x Wi-Fi security standard.

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