Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

Windows 9 Launch date will be September 30

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Here is a very good news for all internet users who want to be update your PC, Business Computers  and Laptops.  Microsoft Windows 9 Preview is released this September 30. Its name is a threshold. This preview will be available to people comfortably. However, the commercial version of Windows 9 will be launched in mid 2015.

At an event on September 30, Microsoft will release the Windows. It is believed that the Windows version includes the Kortana. As you may know, Microsoft had launched Windows 8 in September 2011.

The company preview of Windows 8 was released in February 2012. But the operating system was found to reach out to people in October 2012. So now to see that the windows when the user reaches 9. When it comes to market as well as the mobile version. Maybe the new OS of Microsoft, users must reach at the beginning of 2015

Windows 9

Microsoft partners will be getting a pre-beta version of Windows Developer Preview 9 soon.

We can expect that we will see a single beta of Windows 9, which will be likely, appear in the summer of 2014.

Windows 9 Price

We can only assume that there’s no word on what Windows 9 will cost, but we can make an educated guess. Soon We’ll update this piece as we know more.

What would be the price of Windows 9? This is classic innovator’s dilemna: Microsoft has existing their products that make it a lots of money, but is building new &better products for which it cannot charge as much as. Now the market has changed. The Apple gives away the most recent version of OS X for free for PC and laptop makers are feeling the pinch as smartphones and tablets eat into their markets.

Surprise news if it was free to consumers, although not to OEMs who can purchase licenses to put on PCs, Business Computers and laptops they sell. Even if body has to pay to upgrade to Windows 9 they won’t have to pay much. Just a few dollars.

Windows 9 features

We can only expect that the Windows 9 will be 64-bit only, although we expected that for Windows 8 and we were wrong. A lot depends – as ever with Microsoft – on what OEMs want to the build, and what Intel gives them with which to the build.

Another thing is Microsoft has to do is allow to Windows Phone and Windows RT apps to run on both Windows Phone and Windows. Even Xbox apps should be become cross compatible. Then You may also be able to the pin Metro apps to the taskbar. Even expect to see Kinect-based 3D gestures to the enabled for laptops with 3D cameras – basically the ability to control your fully computer with gestures.

Recently the Microsoft Company has pronouncements suggest a full return of Start menu and that Windows 8-style apps will be the able to run on the desktop. The Windows 9 will definitely be less traumatic a chance for desktop users.

At the end we hope Windows 9 will be much easier and user friendly windows.

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