Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Xiaomi To Develop Own Mobile Chipset

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Why to always source chipset from Qualcomm is currently what Xiamo is thinking about. In a latest report published in The Wall Street Journal the phone maker is learned to be developing its own custom processor.

If this turns to be true, the first and foremost benefits Xiaomi will be enjoying is cheaper CPU and hence the price of phone would drop to a competitive tag than before.

Xiaomi To Develop Own Mobile Chipset

Meanwhile, it is important to know Huawei has taken a similar route and uses its own Kirin processor in the Mate 9, which is again added by hardware integration to enable artificial intelligence in it. This has worked good as Mate 9 is able to learn users’ habits to improve performance.

Samsung too make its own Exynos chip, but both the companies took some time to get the CPUs perform comparatively better to the Qualcomm’s higher-end Snapdragon phones.

Before jumping to the CPU development Xiaomi need to ensure the components can measure up to the competition.

However, it is not to forget Xiaomi lack experience in the field and it is hard to tell whether it would be able to make chip capable of standing up against the rivals.

Share your views whether Xiaomi will be able to build up mobile CPU as good as Qualcomm with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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