Try To Play With Free Slot Machines

Casino evaluation allows you recognize the overall numeral of slot games presented in several site. You will obtain to know that the names of the games at present similar to slots. Besides, detail on the More...

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Who Will Play for Chetan Bhagat’s New Novel Movie Adaptation?

Novel Movie

For those people out there who are fond of reading novels, chances are they are already familiar with the name Chetan Bhagat. For the first time in three years, this author has More...

An overview of security certificates

Security Certificates

We can do all sorts of things online, from renewing a passport to opening a bank account, applying for a loan or doing the weekly shop. Online shopping, or e-commerce, has grown More...


Whats App

It’s being hardly few days that Facebook owns the most widely used mobile messenger Whatsapp. The deal of acquiring Whatsapp made headlines. Facebook paid 11% of its net worth More...

Top 10 gadgets

Top 10 Gadgets that have recently become pretty affordable

This year has been really good when it comes to tech. We have got a lot of new devices and interesting gadgets, but the best part of new tech is that last year tech finally becomes More...

The improvement of technology in the world

The internet is one of the most important technologies that are growing at a very high speed. The technology plays a vital role in every type of businesses. One can get an idea More...

How to Lose Weight without Depriving Yourself


Most of the diet and exercise plans restrict you to have your favorite foods or workout so often that you get away from your More...

Due to Ebola Infection, Sierra Leone Lab Shut Down by WHO

Ebola Infection

Recently, the Ebola virus has become the hype all over the world, both online and offline. This particular disease More...

LOC Issue Border Talks: Time to Act ‘Now’

The border violations not only at the LOC, but also at the IB (International Border), which...

Shellshock Security The latest news about the shellshock security vulnerability

The shellshock is the renowned security bug that attracts people who listen to the world technology today. ...

Alaska A Large Area of Alaska Gets Hit by a Strong Earthquake

On Thursday, September 25, 2014, a large area of Alaska was hit by a strong earthquake....

RSS on DD: Sign of Times?

Political News

The Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation was founded in 1997, during the then Janata Dal government, wherein More...


In a shocking and suspected incidence in pune voting , one major defect  in  EVM (electronic voting machine) had been noticed..


BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi showed the positive expectations from Mamta Banarjee as he is hoping that if he comes..

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t the Only Birthday Party Option for Your Kids

Birthday Party

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t the Only Birthday Party Option for Your Kids . As an adult, birthdays get less More...

The Mistakes in Emmy Awards Winner List

For those who happened to know about the announcement of the celebrities who won the Emmy Awards from the Associated Press,..

Here Comes the Real-Life Disney Princess!

Walt Disney has successfully managed to become a very famous name in the film industry. The name is recognized by nearly..
Online Shopping

Browse Through a Range of Attractive Deals and Coupon Codes to Save Most of Your Expense

Travel discount coupons are in great demand in the recent days. These coupons are found from travel portals that deliver travel..
Latest News


IN a month second time reduction in petrol prices as the price is reduced by 70 paise a litre . this..

Giant Squid Retrieved from the Water of Matagorda Coast, Texas

Before this, a couple who was on their fishing date happened to capture a living giant shrimp from the water of..

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