Author: Mithilesh

How to write a good author account proposal?

Mithilesh- June 25, 2024

Certainly! An author account proposal typically outlines the terms and conditions under which an author will contribute content to a publication or platform. Here’s a ... Read More

Steady Growth Ahead: World Bank’s Forecast for India

Mithilesh- June 11, 2024

In a world grappling with economic uncertainties, India emerges as a beacon of growth and stability, according to the latest World Bank report. With an ... Read More

Historic Change in Odisha: Mohan Majhi Becomes First BJP Chief Minister

Mithilesh- June 11, 2024

Odisha is witnessing a historic moment as Mohan Charan Majhi is set to become the state’s first BJP chief minister. This landmark decision was made ... Read More

Why Do Women Face Higher Rates of Anxiety and Depression

Mithilesh- June 10, 2024

Today, we shine a spotlight on women's health, transcending traditional boundaries to encompass the entirety of a woman's life journey. No longer confined to maternal ... Read More

Apple Intelligence: New Era of Seamless Integration and Smarter Devices

Mithilesh- June 10, 2024

Apple is gearing up to revolutionize our digital lives yet again, and this time, it's all about intelligence. At this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), ... Read More

Apple’s Bold AI Vision: From Smart Gadgets to Everyday Robots

Mithilesh- June 9, 2024

Apple is gearing up for a future shaped by artificial intelligence (AI), setting the stage for a range of groundbreaking products that go beyond the ... Read More

Modi 3.0: A New Era Begins with a Fresh Cabinet

Mithilesh- June 9, 2024

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the oath for his third consecutive term, marking a historic moment as he became only the second Prime Minister ... Read More