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How to write a good author account proposal?

EducationsMithilesh- June 25, 2024 0

Certainly! An author account proposal typically outlines the terms and conditions under which an author will contribute content to a publication or platform. Here’s a ... Read More

Steady Growth Ahead: World Bank's Forecast for India

Steady Growth Ahead: World Bank’s Forecast for India

FinanceMithilesh- June 11, 2024 0

In a world grappling with economic uncertainties, India emerges as a beacon of growth and stability, according to the latest World Bank report. With an ... Read More

Historic Change in Odisha - Mohan Majhi Becomes First BJP Chief Minister

Historic Change in Odisha: Mohan Majhi Becomes First BJP Chief Minister

NationMithilesh- June 11, 2024 0

Odisha is witnessing a historic moment as Mohan Charan Majhi is set to become the state’s first BJP chief minister. This landmark decision was made ... Read More