How to Tie Knot Without Breaking Bank

How to Tie Knot Without Breaking Bank

Planning a wedding is like embarking on a grand adventure filled with excitement, joy, and, let’s face it, a fair share of stress. As couples dive into the intricacies of venue selection, guest lists, and menu tastings, one question looms large: How do we make this dream day a reality without breaking the bank? Enter Costco – the unexpected hero of wedding budgeting.

Michelle Winterfield, co-founder of Tandem and a finance expert, unveils the surprising ways Costco can help couples say “I do” without emptying their wallets. From cakes to flowers, invitations to honeymoon getaways, here’s how this wholesale giant can turn wedding dreams into budget-friendly realities.

  1. Costco Membership Unlocks Wedding Savings Galore

For Costco members, the savings opportunities are virtually endless. Whether you’re in need of stationery, floral arrangements, cakes, beverages, or decor items, Costco has you covered. But the perks don’t stop there. Winterfield reveals that even big-ticket items like diamond engagement rings and wedding bands come with Costco discounts, making it a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs.

  1. Craft Your Perfect Wedding Suite with Shutterfly

Costco’s partnership with Shutterfly opens up a world of savings for couples. By linking your Costco membership to a Shutterfly account, you can enjoy a generous 51% discount on wedding paper goods. From elegant invitations to heartfelt thank-you notes and stylish signage, Costco and Shutterfly have everything you need to set the tone for your special day. Winterfield emphasizes that the savings alone can cover the cost of a Costco membership for an entire year – talk about a win-win!

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  1. Non-Members Can Still Cash In

Not a Costco member? No problem! Winterfield offers a clever workaround for non-members: gift cards. Simply enlist the help of a Costco member friend to purchase a gift card, and you’re ready to shop to your heart’s content. It’s a fantastic way to explore Costco’s offerings and decide if a membership is right for you, all while scoring some serious savings on your wedding essentials.

  1. Raise a Glass to Costco Booze Deals

As any seasoned wedding planner knows, the cost of alcohol can quickly add up. Luckily, Costco is here to help. Winterfield suggests sourcing your wedding booze from Costco to significantly cut costs. And for those looking for premium quality without the premium price tag, Kirkland Signature liquor is the way to go. Rumored to be sourced from top-notch brands like Jim Beam and Macallan, Kirkland Signature offers affordability without sacrificing quality.

  1. Plan Your Dream Honeymoon with Costco Travel

Once the vows have been exchanged and the cake has been cut, it’s time to jet off into wedded bliss. And thanks to Costco Travel, couples can enjoy dreamy honeymoon getaways without breaking the bank. From tropical paradises like Costa Rica to romantic European escapes in Paris and Italy, Costco’s travel agency bundles flights, accommodations, and perks for a wallet-friendly experience.

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In a world where wedding costs continue to soar, Costco emerges as an unexpected ally for budget-conscious couples. With savings opportunities on everything from cakes to flowers, invitations to honeymoon packages, Costco proves that wedding dreams don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. So whether you’re planning an intimate affair or a lavish celebration, Costco is here to help you say “I do” without breaking the bank. Cheers to love, laughter, and the sweet sound of wedding bells – all at a fraction of the cost!

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