Bengaluru Resident's Conversation with WhatsApp Scammer Reveals Fraudulent Strategies

Bengaluru Resident’s Conversation with WhatsApp Scammer Reveals Fraudulent Strategies

In a surprising turn of events, a man from Bengaluru decided to have some fun with a WhatsApp scammer who tried to trick him. Chetty Arun received a suspicious APK file from a random person on WhatsApp, but instead of ignoring it, he decided to engage with the scammer.

Arun knew it was a scam but decided to play along with the scammer out of curiosity. He casually asked the scammer, “How’s life treating you?” to which the scammer surprisingly responded, sparking a casual conversation between them.

During their chat, Arun learned about the scammer’s tactics, including how they try to take over victims’ WhatsApp accounts and gain access to their OTPs and messages. The scammer confessed to using victims’ numbers to contact others and explained how they exploit this access to carry out fraudulent activities, such as making unauthorized transactions on ecommerce and banking apps.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Arun managed to maintain a light-hearted tone throughout the conversation, even teaching the scammer the meaning of the word “gossip.” However, when Arun mentioned sharing their conversation on Twitter to warn others about scams, the scammer quickly deleted all their chats.

In the end, the scammer requested Arun not to involve the authorities and wished him well. Despite engaging in unethical activities, the scammer expressed a desire for Arun to spread awareness about scamming tactics to protect others from falling victim.

While the interaction may have been entertaining, it highlights the importance of being cautious when dealing with suspicious messages and avoiding engaging with scammers.

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