Explained-Black Leather Alexander McQueen Shoes!

Black Leather Alexander McQueen Shoes

Do you know about Black Leather alexander McQueen Shoes? The Alexander McQueen platform sneakers were a famous fashion statement and an accessory worn at the end of every day. The innovative shoes were also a part of the artist’s final collection and are now considered talismans. Initially, they would go on sale after people created one, and one needed to purchase them beforehand. However, in mid-2008, they reappeared on shop windows across the globe. Finally, $1,100 later, the shoes became available in select stores.

And today, these retro sneakers continue to be what many consider to be iconic fashion icons. However, they also had an eclectic collection of platform sneakers at the time. For example, another pair of Alexander McQueen platform sneakers were worn by people right after his first ones debuted. They were solid-colored shoes with a heart-shaped symbol on the side. Some say people did this to pay homage to the designer’s mother, who had died just one year before he designed his first set of Alexander McQueen platform sneakers.


The brand is known for its eccentric, darkly romantic designs, which combined Gothic and Victorian-era influences with ornate detailing and dramatic presentations. The company found success with its contemporaries Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano. McQueen also designed high-profile advertising campaigns for YSL Opium perfume, Calvin Klein’s “Obsession,” and Prada Candy.

McQueen committed suicide in 2010 at 40, following a period of depression and drug abuse. Still, his brand continues under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, who was appointed as Creative Director after his death. In 2014, The Business of Fashion reported that her appointment to succeed McQueen as a chief designer had been confirmed. People unveiled her debut collection for the brand at London Fashion Week in February 2015, and she also took over from McQueen as head designer for Givenchy’s menswear line in 2017.

Why choose?

Rachel Zoe was also a big fan of the shoes, which helped them become very popular in 2007. The style icon wore both pairs while promoting her handbag line. She would again pair them with her dresses and belts a year later during fashion shows. Before Zoe made them famous, no one knew that Alexander McQueen had designed these significant shoes for his fashion collection. Over time, people discovered that the brand that initially produced these shoes for him was Manolo Blahnik and not Louis Vuitton, as he had initially said.


The creation of the 2006 collection “Highland Rape” was particularly controversial, with several fashion critics and media publications refusing to cover McQueen’s ensuing autumn/winter 2006 runway show. A trip inspired by the show and collection McQueen made to Scotland on a spiritual pilgrimage in the early 1990s, during which he claims to have encountered many strange sights and sounds.

The garments from the range, predominantly tartan-patterned jackets, skirts, dresses, and pantsuits, were embellished with embroidered, metal-studded lace trims. Some models wore their hair in corn rows, while others sported mismatched eyes painted on one side of their faces as part of the show’s Native American inspiration.


Black Leather Alexander McQueen Shoes style has been described as a mixture of “Highland Rape,” Savile Row tailoring, and the dark glamour of 1930s Hollywood actress Pola Negri. The spirit of McQueen’s work remains strong, despite his tragic end. It has led to the house’s now-legendary reputation for controversy and shock. It also spans influences from cultures including Scotland (where he lived), Africa, India, China, and Japan.

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