Hyderabad's Leap into the Future: AI City Set to Transform Tech Landscape

Hyderabad’s Leap into the Future: AI City Set to Transform Tech Landscape

Hyderabad is set to become a major hub for artificial intelligence (AI) with the development of a new AI City. Spread over 200 acres along the Outer Ring Road (ORR), this ambitious project aims to bolster the city’s technological landscape and make Hyderabad the ‘AI capital of India’.

Location and Development

The Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TGIIC) has identified 200 acres of land in the Maheshwaram, Serilingampally, Chevella, and Ibrahimpatnam mandals for the AI City. This area will house an extensive ecosystem dedicated to AI development and innovation. The final land allotment is expected to be approved in the upcoming cabinet meeting in June.

Skill University Proposal

In addition to the AI City, there is a proposal to establish the state’s first Skill University at the same location. This university will span 100 acres and will focus on providing advanced training and education to meet the demands of the growing tech industry. The initiative aims to equip students and professionals with the skills needed to excel in AI and related fields.

Government Support and Timeline

Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy is expected to lay the foundation for both the AI City and the Skill University ahead of the Global AI Summit scheduled for July. The AI City is slated for completion by 2028, positioning Hyderabad ahead of other cities in the AI domain.

Comparison with Other States

While Hyderabad’s AI City will cover 200 acres, Uttar Pradesh has also announced plans for an AI City in Lucknow, which will be developed on 40 acres and is expected to be completed by 2030. Hyderabad’s larger scale project underscores its ambition to lead in AI technology and infrastructure.

Vision for the Future

The AI City and Skill University initiatives are part of the government’s broader vision to transform Hyderabad into a global technology hub. By creating a dedicated space for AI development and providing top-notch education and training, the city aims to attract top talent and investments from around the world.

These projects reflect Hyderabad’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring that its workforce is equipped to meet future challenges.

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