Navigating Heart Health with Fitbit

Navigating Heart Health with Fitbit

Fitbit has been all about making our lives healthier from the get-go. Remember those early Fitbit trackers? They helped us count steps and move more. Now, with Fitbit and Pixel Watch devices, they’re not just counting steps; they’re watching over our hearts too. We got to catch up with Dr. Jacqueline Shreibati, a big-shot cardiologist at Fitbit, who gave us some super tips on how to keep our tickers in top shape.

First off, just get moving! Dr. Jacqueline is all about walking. It’s free, easy, and does wonders for our bodies and minds. Plus, Fitbit doesn’t just count steps; it tracks all sorts of exercises too. With over 40 modes on Fitbit Charge 6 and Google Pixel Watch, there’s something for everyone.

But there’s more to keeping our hearts healthy than just moving. Dr. Jacqueline has some smart advice:

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Keep an eye on your heart rate when you exercise

Fitbit watches are wizards at this. They can tell you how hard your heart’s working during workouts. Dr. Jacqueline says knowing your heart rate helps you see if you’re getting the right kind of exercise. Fitbit even has zones to help you figure out if you’re working hard enough. And the new Pixel Watch 2 and Charge 6 are even more accurate during tough workouts.

Understand your heart’s rhythm with ECG

This fancy tech can check your heart’s electrical activity. It’s a big help in spotting any irregularities. Fitbit Sense, Charge 5 and 6, and Pixel Watches have this cool feature. Dr. Jacqueline says it’s like having a mini doctor on your wrist. It’s super empowering to know what’s going on with your heart.

Get good sleep for a healthy heart

Yep, sleep is crucial too. Dr. Jacqueline reminds us that bad sleep can mess with our hearts. Fitbit can help track our sleep stages and even give us a score. And if you’re a Fitbit Premium member, you get a Daily Readiness Score to help plan your workouts. So, remember to give your heart the rest it needs.

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Fitbit’s not just about counting steps anymore. It’s our heart’s best friend. So, let’s lace up those sneakers, keep an eye on our heart rates, listen to our heart rhythms, and get some quality shut-eye. Your heart will thank you for it!

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