Netflix's Atlas Review - A Misfire in AI Storytelling

Netflix’s Atlas Review: A Misfire in AI Storytelling

Netflix’s latest film, “Atlas,” starring Jennifer Lopez, tries to explore the world of artificial intelligence but falls short in delivering a compelling story. Despite its ambitions, the movie feels outdated and relies too heavily on familiar sci-fi clichés.


Jennifer Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst who is still dealing with the trauma of a past AI uprising. The premise is intriguing, but Lopez seems out of place in this role. Her character, who is wary of technology, gets bogged down by a script filled with boring explanations and awkward attempts at humor.

The story follows Atlas as she teams up with an advanced AI named Smith to capture her rogue AI “brother,” Harlan, played by Simu Liu. The film tries to highlight the growing friendship between Atlas and Smith, pushing the idea that friendship can overcome all obstacles. However, the execution lacks emotional depth and feels forced. The dialogue is clunky and unoriginal, making it hard to engage with the characters.

Visuals and Action

“Atlas” has its moments in terms of action, with some sequences being visually impressive. Yet, these scenes are often marred by choppy editing and an overuse of CGI. The film’s overall look is strangely dated, failing to offer a fresh or imaginative view of the future. Instead, it resembles a low-quality video game more than a high-budget sci-fi film.

AI Themes

One of the most disappointing aspects of “Atlas” is its simplistic portrayal of AI. At a time when the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence are hot topics, the movie reduces these complex issues to a basic good versus bad narrative. This approach feels like a missed opportunity to delve into the real challenges and possibilities that AI presents.


In the end, “Atlas” seems to struggle with its identity. It wants to be an exciting blockbuster that also delivers a meaningful message, but it fails on both fronts. The movie lacks the emotional depth and innovative storytelling needed to stand out. Instead of pushing the boundaries of the sci-fi genre, “Atlas” plays it safe, resulting in a forgettable and uninspired film. It’s technically competent but ultimately lacks the heart and soul to make a lasting impact.

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