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What are 10 creative things I could do with my kids’ art?

Absolutely, preserving your kids’ art while also finding creative uses for it is a wonderful idea. Here are five creative suggestions for what you can do with your kids’ art to avoid clutter:

  1. Art Gallery Wall: Create a rotating art gallery on a wall in your home. Frame some of your kids’ best pieces and hang them up. As they create new art, you can swap out the older pieces. This way, you can showcase their creativity and give them a sense of pride.
  2. Custom Art Journals: Compile their artwork into custom art journals or scrapbooks. This not only keeps their art organized but also gives you a beautiful collection of memories to look back on together. You can add captions, stories, and anecdotes to make it even more special.
  3. Digital Archive: Scan or photograph the artwork and create a digital archive. You can then organize the images into folders by year or theme. This way, you can keep the art without taking up physical space.
  4. Upcycled Crafts: Turn their art into new creations! Use the art as wrapping paper, cut it into pieces to make greeting cards, or use it to decorate plain notebooks, boxes, or furniture. This not only repurposes the art but also lets your kids see their work being used in creative ways.
  5. Collage or Mosaic: Select smaller pieces of the art to create collages or mosaics. This can be a fun and artistic family activity. You can make a larger collage that represents a particular theme or memory, such as a vacation or a family event.
  6. DIY Decoupage: Transform your kids’ art into functional items using decoupage. Apply pieces of the art onto items like wooden boxes, trays, or even furniture. Seal the pieces with a clear decoupage medium for a polished look that celebrates their creativity.
  7. Digital Portfolio: Create a digital portfolio of your kids’ artwork. Scan or photograph each piece, organize them into folders, and save them on your computer or a cloud storage platform. This way, you can easily access and share their creations without taking up physical space.
  8. Transform into Functional Items: Turn their art into functional items like coasters, placemats, or even tote bags. There are services that can print your kids’ artwork onto these items, allowing you to use and enjoy their creativity in your daily life.
  9. Frame Rotating Favorites: Select a few of their most cherished pieces and frame them. Rotate the artwork in the frames every few weeks or months to keep the display fresh and constantly showcase their latest creations.
  10. Create Custom Wrapping Paper: Use their artwork to create custom wrapping paper for gifts. This adds a personal touch to presents and allows their art to be enjoyed by others too.

Remember, the goal is to celebrate their creativity and cherish the memories associated with their art while also finding practical ways to manage the clutter. Feel free to adapt these suggestions to fit your personal preferences and your kids’ interests.

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