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Empowering Women: A Call for Proactive Measures in Employment

In today’s society, the need for more women in stable jobs is crystal clear. But recent data from the government’s labor surveys should ring alarm bells for all of us. In the first quarter of 2024, the number of urban women with regular salaried jobs hit a worrying low, dropping from the previous quarter. This decline marks the lowest percentage of women in wage jobs in the past six years, showing a significant step backward from the progress we’ve made.

At the same time, more women are turning to self-employment, especially in rural areas. However, for many, self-employment often means unpaid household work or small family businesses, which aren’t as reliable or rewarding as salaried positions. This shift highlights the importance of creating more opportunities for women to secure stable jobs, which serve as a crucial pathway to independence and financial security.

Even at the higher levels of corporate governance, women continue to face barriers. Despite legal mandates requiring companies to appoint women to their boards, the representation of women remains low. Only a small fraction of board members in top companies are women, indicating a pressing need for change.

To address this issue, we need proactive measures at both the administrative and societal levels. Initiatives like increasing the recruitment of women in state police forces have shown positive results. However, progress remains slow, highlighting the urgency of our efforts.

Ultimately, closing the gender gap in employment requires a concerted effort to challenge and change patriarchal attitudes. But in the meantime, we cannot afford to wait for progress to happen on its own. We must take decisive action now to create a more equitable and inclusive workforce for all.

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