No Hardware Hype: WWDC 2024 to Focus Exclusively on Software, Insider Reports

No Hardware Hype: WWDC 2024 to Focus Exclusively on Software, Insider Reports

Apple enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) may need to curb their excitement this year, as insider reports suggest that the event will focus solely on software updates, with no new hardware announcements in sight.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, this year’s WWDC keynote will center around software developments. While some may have hoped for the unveiling of new Apple devices, particularly amid rumors of AI advancements, Gurman’s report indicates otherwise.

In past years, WWDC has occasionally featured exciting new hardware releases, such as the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro last year. However, Gurman’s insights may disappoint those anticipating similar announcements this time around.

So, what could have been in store for WWDC 2024?

Rumors had circulated about a potential new Apple TV box, rumored to launch in the first half of 2024 with an upgraded processor and possibly featuring a built-in camera for FaceTime calls. Yet, Gurman’s report suggests that such a release is not imminent.

While there’s a slight chance that Apple might tease a future hardware release during WWDC, Gurman remains skeptical, stating, “There’s no hardware slated to be announced at WWDC, unless Apple unexpectedly previews a new device launching later (to be clear: I don’t expect that).”

As anticipation builds for WWDC, Apple fans may need to temper their expectations and focus on the software innovations that the tech giant has in store. While new gadgets may not be on the immediate horizon, the promise of exciting updates and advancements in software technology remains a highlight of the event.

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