WhatsApp's New Feature: Customize Favorite Contacts

WhatsApp’s New Feature: Customize Favorite Contacts

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform owned by Meta, is set to roll out new features tailored specifically for Android users. Among these new features is the introduction of a “Favorite” tab for contacts, allowing users to personalize and organize their contact list for easier access.

According to a recent report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp developers are working on implementing a feature that will enable users to add, remove, and rearrange their favorite contacts directly within the app settings. This feature is expected to be included in a future update of the app.

The aim of this new feature is to simplify the process of managing favorite contacts and groups within the calls tab. Currently, users may find it challenging to locate and manage their favorite contacts, making this enhancement particularly beneficial.

Moreover, WABetaInfo suggests that managing favorite contacts and groups will become even more crucial in the future, as these favorites are expected to play a central role in upcoming features.

Although the feature is still under development, WABetaInfo assures users that it will be available in a future update of WhatsApp. With this new functionality, users can look forward to a more streamlined and personalized messaging experience on the platform.

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