Best CPU Cooler To Make Your Computer Superfast

Who does not want the best CPU cooler for the computer system? You might think that you do not need any CPU coolers. So let me change your thinking by just giving you some information regarding CPU coolers. If your PC heats up very fast, your PC starts lagging while on heavy software, or your PC is too much loud, then a CPU cooler can help you a lot with this problem. The CPU cooler keeps your computer school, and your hardware works properly to give you the best performance. But there are hundreds of CPU coolers in the market, and choosing one of them might be a very confusing task for you. The CPU cooler is not just a simple cooling machine that only cools down your CPU. The CPU cooler is properly associated with the CPU itself, and it takes power from the CPU.

If your previous cooler cannot maintain the temperature of your chip, you might need a new one. CPU coolers also increase the lifespan of all the hardware. There are several things that one should consider before buying a CPU cooler. Like whether you need an air cooler or a liquid cooler, big coolers take a lot of space in your PC, which is not at all good for your CPU. Some of the air coolers might help you better than AIO coolers. One should also think about the cooler’s cost as we need to complete our PC within a certain budget.

Quick Shopping Tips For You

  • If you have the recent Ryzen 2000 and 3000 series processes or have the older ones, you might not need an aftermarket CPU cooler as they come with inbuilt coolers. Ryzen processors are quite capable of handling overclocking very easily, so you can only go with the free air cooler that comes with the ryzen processor box. It will work perfectly for you. Many people make this mistake of buying an aftermarket CPU cooler for the ryzen processor as it does not need much. If you are pushing the processor to its limit, it will still not need any other aftermarket CPU coolers.
  • Another mistake that people make is they do not check the clearance for the CPU cooler. It basically happens with those people who buy big CPU coolers without checking the clearance. It is a very common mistake as large or big coolers may have clearance problems with large RAM, or sometimes VRM heat sinks.
  • Choosing a good CPU cooler does not only depends on one or two factors. It has several factors, and one of the important factors is noise. Many big CPU coolers make lots of noise, and it might not be very pleasant for someone. So it would be best if you kept this in mind before buying a CPU cooler. 

Best CPU Coolers

There are many options available in the market when it comes to buying the best CPU coolers. We have compiled some of the best CPU coolers list based on some important factors, like the dimension of cooler, noise, input and output, base height, socket support, and warranty. Check out the list. 

Noctua NH-D15

Compatible with- LGA 1200, LGA2066, LGA 2066, and AM4

Dimensions- 165MM X 150MM X 161MM

Number of Heat pipes- 6

Material- heat pipes, aluminum fins, and copper base plate 

Fans- 2 X 140 MM NF-A15

Noctua air coolers are really amazing as they do the job perfectly. You might think that paying $90 for an air cooler is a waste of money as you can buy a budget processor for that price. Trust me; the Noctua is the worth it product. There are two things that I really liked about Noctua air coolers. The first thing is that one can use Noctua Air coolers on a wide range of processes; for example, if you are using an old processor, it will be similarly effective as to the new processor. Another thing that I really liked about Noctua air coolers is these fans are incredible in terms of their power, so you do not need to worry about the overheating of your processor. These two things make your computer super fast and also maintain the temperature of your CPU. 

Now you might have this question, that what is the secret of Noctua air cooler power? It’s pretty much clear that it is because of its giant set of aluminum radiator fans. It also comes up with six heat pipes that help to pull out the heat from your CPU. For better airflow, the Noctua has come up with a special technology of push and pull setup, which keeps the airflow maintained through the cooler. The airflow is measured by about 82 cubic feet per minute, and the interesting thing is that it makes the minimum noise. This is why I told you that it is a value for money product.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

Compatibility- LGA1200, LGA2066, AM4, and LGA1151

Dimensions- 120mm X 19.6mm X158.8mm

Materials used – copper baseplate, Nickel plated aluminum fins

It is for those people who cannot afford the Noctua air cooler. We have put cooler master hyper 212 black editions on the second position of the best CPU coolers list because it is a perfect combo for those who have a low budget. The predecessor of hyper 212 who was also the most commonly used among the gamers. The hyper 212 black edition has a very low price, and it is pretty much updated. Cooler master hyper 212 black edition is able to secure its second position in the list just because of it’s surprisingly effective and whisper-quiet features. 

This cooler master air cooler is compatible with a wide range of CPU brackets. One thing that you should know is that the hyper 212 fits in both Intel and AMD chips. Trust me, guys, if you are a gamer and looking for the best budget air cooler, then buy this one before it gets out of stock. 

Corsair Hydro Series H100i Pro 

Compatibility- LGA1151, LGA1200, AM4, LGA2066

Dimensions- 27mm X 120mm X 276mm

Materials- Copper cold plate, the radiator is of aluminum 

Corsair is another big name that hits in my mind when I think of the best CPU coolers. The Corsair hydro series cooler is a liquid CPU cooler. The hydro series cooler is the company’s latest product, which offers you the best amount of cooling, and RGB lights are fitted with it. Another thing that fascinates me is that it is very easy to install. The cost of the Corsair hydro series H100i pro is relatively low. The cooler can fit in any CPU brackets. 

Corsair hydro series H75

Compatible with- LGA1200, LGA2066, Am4, LGA1151

Dimensions- 120mm X 152mm X 25mm 

Materials- Copper Cold plate and for radiator aluminum

We are all interested in liquid cooling technology, but liquid cooling technology is not budget-friendly for us. But now you do not need to worry; the Corsair hydro series H 75 cooler is the perfect solution to this problem. The best thing about these coolers is that they put less weight on your motherboard and CPU. Hydro series liquid coolers do not take recycled air from your case; they utilize the outside air to maintain the temperature of your system. Liquid coolers are also an alternative for those people who do not like too much noise while working. As normal air coolers make a loud noise and liquid cooler hyper 212 and H75 can be the best alternative for your system. H75 liquid cooler can fit in all brackets and maintain your temperature even in a tight space. You might get a bit of noise under load. 

Noctua NH-L9l

Compatible with- LGA1200 and LGA1151

Dimensions- 95mm X 95mm X 37mm 

The material used- heat pipes and copper base plate 

Space is the biggest problem when it comes to you are coolers. Although nowadays, mini-tower cases have a good space for big coolers but mTAX and ITX cases do not have enough space. So, in this case, Noctua special series cooler, I will help you out. Noctua NH-L9l is a very low profile option that will fit in in any type of case. This product might be not as good as all the above mentioned best CPU coolers, but it is a strong contender just because of its sleek design. However, the Noctua air cooler quality is amazing. The air cooler is compatible with most of the processors. It also comes up with a special option of a separate adaptor. By using this separate adaptor, you can lower the fan speed to 1800 RPM. It will give you less noise than earlier. 

Final Words

In this article, we have covered one of the best CPU coolers available in the market. The list has been made with the help of professional critics and consumer reviews; the list might differ from other articles. I have been using several CPU coolers, but they could not lower my system temperature during high workload for gaming. Then I started using liquid coolers, and the results were very positive. If the budget is not a problem for you, then you should definitely choose a liquid cooling system.

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