Yoga For Stress Relief: Poses, Benefits, And More

Your project’s deadline is coming near, your boss is calling you to know the progress, and your partner wants to know what you need for dinner. Anxiety and stress are everywhere. It has become a part of our day to day life, and now it’s affecting our lives in a diverse way. But how to cope up with it? One of the prominent solutions you can try for this is doing yoga for stress relief.

Yoga like various stress relieving drinks is a fantastic thing that can have amazing positive effects on stress and anxiety. Yoga has effects like mind-calming, digestion boosting, concentration improvement, and many more.

In the article, you will find every information which you may need in practicing yoga for stress relief. You will find poses, their effects on the body, and more in the article.

What Do You Need For Yoga?

You only need yourself and nothing else when doing yoga for stress relief. A yoga mat is something that is good if you have one, but it is not essential. After you’re ready, all you need is a spot where you can sit comfortably without disturbance. 

Although some yoga poses need things like a cushion or pillows, it all depends on what you are doing. For doing better at yoga for stress relief, you can add some natural vibes by taking it outside. Yoga not only has health effects, but it also gives you positive vibes, which will motivate you to do greater in your life.

What Are Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga?

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, which includes:

  • Stress Reduction – Doing yoga enhances your mood and sense of a healthy body. A number of researchers have proven that doing yoga can lower anxiety and stress.
  • Fitness Improvement – Practicing yoga on a daily basis may increase your body’s agility. It helps the body in increasing balance, strength, flexibility, and motion of the body. 
  • Helps In Chronic Diseases – Yoga practicing on a regular basis can help a person in lowering the risk of diseases like high BP and heart diseases. Other than these, yoga for stress relief helps in the alleviation of pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. 

Yoga Poses For Stress Relief 

Some of the best yoga poses you can try for stress relief are:

Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Begin with your legs crossed and sitting in a comfortable position. Now let your pelvis be in a neutral position and relax your legs. Now just relax your body and feel it. Concentrate on your breathing, your body sensations, and calm your mind. 

Sit for a while and feel the unrushed, internal peace, and stillness of the moment. Let your mind be free and connect to your body and internal being. It can be the best yoga for stress relief as it calms your mind and body.

Neck Roll

In this yoga, first, sit comfortably and then let your head fall toward the chest. Now start moving your head slowly to the left and then to the right. You have to do this movement three times on each side in one go. 

Let the feeling of relaxation and letting go settle down as you practice this yoga for stress relief. Now lift the head up, returning to the initial relaxed position, and lift your head crown. This yoga will give you the feel of unrelatedness from the worldly things and letting it go.

Shoulder Roll

In this yoga pose, you have to roll both of your shoulders. First, move your shoulder forward and then backward in circular movements. After you are done with these movements, inhale and bring your hands over your head. Now exhale slowly while keeping your hands on chest level together. This yoga is one of the best yoga for stress relief, which you can try.

Tabletop Position

In this yoga pose, move the hand and knees in a way that the wrist is directly under the shoulders. Your knees in this pose must be under your hips to give a perfect pose. Your palms must be on the floor while fingers are facing forward. Your body weight in this pose is equally distributed in your palms, thus not stressing any specific point.

After you have acquired the position for the yoga, center the head in a neutral position and put your gaze downwards. This yoga for stress relief is not only good for calming the mind but also helps in improving physical strength.

Cow Pose

In this yoga, drop your belly towards the mate while inhaling. Now, look up to the ceiling while lifting your chest and chin in the process. The shoulders in this yoga must be away from your ears.

Cat Pose

Round your back up toward the ceiling while pulling your stomach inside towards the spine. Now slowly let your head release toward the floor. This relaxing yoga for stress relief is something that, along with helping your eliminate stress, will improve digestion and physical strength. 

Downward Facing Dog

Extending your tailbones upward to the ceiling while lifting your hips, pressing your palms to the floor, and tucking your toes under your feet. Push your heels toward the back while slightly moving downwards toward the floor or mat. 

Your heels don’t need to touch the ground. After attaining the pose, drop your neck downwards so that your neck is stretched. Stay in the position for some time and take deep breaths. This yoga for stress relief calms your mind and helps in eliminating back pain and improving mental and physical health. 

Standing Forward Bend

Gently move your hands toward the feet and relax the muscles in the shoulders and neck. Allow the weight of the head to release and straighten your legs. 

Mountain Pose

Pull your stomach toward the spine while bending your knees. Now roll your body up, relax your mind, and let the pose effect. 

Child Pose

Gently come to the knees by going into a kneeling position. Stretch your hands in front of you. Now relax your torso back and down towards the thighs. While doing this, allow space between your toes and knees to touch. If comfortable, let your heels touch your buttocks. This yoga for stress relief will help in improving blood circulation and improve your leg strength. 


Practicing yoga is generally safe for most people. However, it should be done under the guidance of a professional if you are a beginner. In some cases, it can still pose some risks for some people. 

The best thing you can do to avoid any issues while doing yoga is to see your health care professional before starting. Some of the risks and injuries which might occur due to yoga are:

  • It can lead to blood clots.
  • Herniated disk
  • Body balancing problems.
  • Blood pressure if a pose is practiced in excess
  • Osteoporosis
  • Glaucoma and some other eye conditions if you practice some yoga poses.
  • Pregnancy issues. Although yoga is safe in most cases, certain poses are advised to be avoided. 

These are some of the risks which you may face while practicing yoga for stress relief. However, you need to avoid some poses if you have some preexisting health issues. Some yoga poses are tougher than others; thus, if you are a beginner, you must avoid the poses, which might cause injuries. 

You must also be vigilant as if you develop any symptoms like pain or nausea, consult your doctor, and discontinue the yoga pose. 

How To Choose An Instructor?

An instructor plays a vital role in yoga. The instructor is one who can lead you to achieve the desired results while motivating and guiding you. But how to choose a good instructor? We have the answer to this. 

Some qualities which you should look for in a good instructor are:

  • Qualifications and certification
  • Experience
  • Past records
  • Who recommended him
  • Past client experience
  • Knowledge of various versions of yoga

These are some qualities that you must look for in an instructor. 


Yoga for stress relief is what you can try without any major side effects. It is also an option that doesn’t require any equipment; thus, you can practice it anywhere and anytime you want it. 

In the article, we have put together a guide for practicing the various yoga poses for stress relief. You will find various information like precautions, how to select an instructor, and more in the article. 

What are your thoughts on practicing yoga for stress relief? Have you ever tried it? Or planning to try it? Please do let us know what you think about yoga for stress relief.

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