3 Major Advancements In Daily Technology

Technology is constantly advancing and new innovations are made every year. Companies like Greiner Bio-One, a partner for biotechnology, create medical products, while others are dealing with concepts like AI, and some are working diligently on propelling humankind further into space. It’s easy to become reliant on our everyday tech, especially when taking a look back on just how far a lot of inventions have come.

Smart Phones

If you’ve been around for a little bit, you’ll remember the days when there were no smartphones, only flip phones. Before that, big bulky bricks to lug around. Even further back than that, only landlines, and way back we had to dial using a rotating dial. Now we have handheld computers the size of a tiny calculator. Phones have arguably gone through the most extensive evolution since their first creation, and it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have one on themselves at most times of the day. But how can you not, when they carry all your contacts, apps for accessing valuable information like your bank account or subscription services, and the ability to order Grub Hub with the press of a button?

Planes, Trains, and Electronic Automobiles

Cars have come a long way since the first one was built back in the late 1800s. They’ve even progressed vastly in the past twenty years! Designs are sleeker, shinier, and closer to looking like something from The Jetsons than ever before. While we don’t yet have flying cars–well, technically there are, but they’re not commercially flying through New York just yet–they are more efficient than they’ve ever been. They’re faster, more eco-friendly, and, while most are still gas-powered, many are moving towards electric power, which is cheaper and better for the environment.


Gone are the days of black and white boxes. Today nearly everyone’s homes are filled with flatscreen televisions, many of which have “smart” capabilities and render in 4K UHD quality, allowing for crisp visual quality. While cable is still around, many have jumped ship to either satellite or, the most popular form of current home entertainment, streaming services. Smart TVs allow for seamless streaming of thousands of shows and movies, all the touch of your remote. Many find that this service is cheaper and more efficient than other forms of home entertainment.


There are countless other forms of technology that have evolved over time, objects such as smart watches, tablets, video game consoles, or even Alexa. As time marches forward and humanity continues to push the limits of reality, greater and greater innovations will surely come. Perhaps one day we will have holograms in our houses, AI controlling our homes, and computer chips implanted into our brains, but for now, having smaller phones and clearer televisions is a great stage to be in.

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