What Is The ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now! Meme?

What Is The ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now! Meme?

Recently, a meme has been spreading across the internet. This meme is that of an image that appears to be of a man in his early twenties with a gun pointed at his head. On April 24th, Sparrow uploaded a video entitled “You Should Kill Your Now meme,” in which he showed an edited recording of himself saying the same thing. As of October 2018, the video has gotten over 14 million views. The meme is centered on the phrase “You should kill yourself now,” with an accompanying image or screenshot from this specific video.

This article will examine what caused this meme to exist and its implications. It will also explore some psychological reactions associated with it and why people are drawn to it so intensely. It might sound like one of those bizarre jokes people send over text messages. Still, you can’t always tell from looking at it alone. Many people could have taken this as the voices telling them to end their lives. As a result, many people have been asking what “You Should Kill Yourself…

Origins of The Meme Explored

The origins of this meme are rooted in a tense moment in Sparrow’s life. In 2015, after he became famous on YouTube, his ex-girlfriend (with whom he had had a relationship) started posting angry, jealous messages on social media and in his videos. She was allegedly threatening to kill herself, affirming that if he didn’t break up with her, she would kill herself. It led to Sparrow recording a video explaining the situation and showing screenshots of her messages.

He also explained that she was not threatening to kill herself but just trying to get attention. The video was named “You Should Kill Your Now meme,” which Sparrow often uses as a screenshot for his comment. His ex-girlfriend then began posting even more messages in his videos, including the phrase “you should kill yourself now” in various forms.

Low-Tier God Banned from Capcom Events

After Sparrow was banned from being able to attend Capcom events, he decided to sell off his remaining tickets on eBay. A few fans of the Street Fighter series purchased the tickets, but they were all friends of his ex-girlfriend. When Sparrow found out he was banned because his ex-girlfriend had filed a complaint against him, he had another video explaining this situation. As a result of this second video, Low-Tier God was officially banned from any future Capcom events. After this happened, both began posting about each other online in various ways and uploaded videos expressing their anger and frustration.

What about the meme?

When people hear the phrase “you should kill your now meme,” they assume it is directed at them. Therefore, they must justify their actions to this statement and often begin thinking of why they should end their lives. This psychologically impacts them, inspiring thoughts of suicide and causing severe depression. This meme is based on the assumption that Low-Tier God uttered this phrase, so it has a more substantial emotional charge than other similar memes due to this implication. According to Dr. Jonathan Sloan, in an article about internet memes, the ” you should kill yourself now ” meme had just as much psychological impact on his patients as other popular internet memes like IKEA and John Cena.

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