Wither The Statues Gaze: Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Wither The Statues Gaze

Many of the places in Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be familiar to those who have experienced any of the Generation 4 Pokémon games. The Snowpoint Temple, which is shown here, is the only place where Hisui Braviary may be found.

In accordance with the placement of a series of artworks showing the three Famous Titans, you will need to solve puzzles. All of your inquiries concerning which buttons to press and in what order, as well as how to determine it for oneself, are answered in this post. This article on wither the statues gaze will answer all your questions.

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The Mystery

After chasing the mission marker up some staircases, the player will come to a closed door with three panels inserted into it. This will stop their advancement.

These images represent the three original Legendary Titan elements: Rock, Ice, and Steel. Prior to selecting which panel to press initially, they will read the enigmatic message “Wither the statues stare…”

Players must first find the first statue on their current floor in order to solve this puzzle. Players then need to pay attention to where it is looking. Gamers will reach another statue by maintaining its line of vision, and so on. This continues unless they see one who is glancing at the door. The chemical sign on some of these sculptures can be verified by hitting the A button.

Gamers must push the door handles that correspond to the characters in the sequence they are revealed in order to unlock the door. They must start with the first sculpture on each level, being careful not to miss any hidden statues by openings or corners. This method requires 3, 5, and 6 figurines for each answer, and there are three gates to open in total.

What buttons to hit for wither the statues gaze?

  • Rock, Steel, and Ice Snowpoint Cathedral Sculpture Problem No. 1
  • Problem No. 2 for the Snowpoint Temple Monument: Ice, Rock, Steel, Rock, and Ice
  • Problem #3: Snowpoint Monastery Statue: Steel, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Rock

I hope this article on wither the statues gaze was helpful. Happy gaming!

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