Know All About Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia!

Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia

Know about Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia? Giovanni is the final boss of Team Rocket in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. He’s a maniacal man who wants to rule the world with Pokemon – one way or another. But, if you want to get technical about it, he’s also a crime boss. He teams up with an evil organization known as Team Rocket and wants to use Pokemon to rule the world. In Viridian City, he makes his first appearance in Pokemon Blue as the final Gym Leader – and evil Team Rocket Boss. He also appears as a boss in Pokemon Red and Green, but only if you want to fight him.

In those versions, he’s the leader of Team Rocket. If you want to beat Giovanni easily and quickly, you might need the right strategy. You’ll need Pokemon at about level 25 – or higher. It would help if you had some high-leveled Pokemon because Giovanni will start with a lower-leveled evolved Pokemon and his Level 30 Muk – which is difficult to beat with lower-leveled Pokemon of your own.


Fighting-type attacks (like Bug and Dark-type attacks) are the key to beating Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia. He has a Persian on his side, but you don’t have to worry about it now. If you’re lucky, he’ll switch to a Pokemon immune to your type. If that happens, take it out with a preventative move like Wrap or Capture and use some more substantial types later in the battle. After you’ve taken out Persian, Giovanni will use the Pokemon he has left. Those are his main Charizard and Rhydon, and if you’re lucky, a well-placed Thunderbolt or Earthquake will take them out in one hit. After that, you’ll be at Level 30 – or as high as you can get – and ready to face Giovanni.


If Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia has Nidoking on his team, you’ll have to get lucky. You also have to be a little more strategic this time around because it’s more challenging than it was with Persian. Giovanni will replace Nidoking with the Pokemon he has left on his team. You can try a Nidoking counter like Dig or Fury Attack, but those are only useful if you’re in range and they know they’ll take out Nidoking. If the Nidoking knows Fury Cutter, that means he’s extra sure of taking out your Nidoking – so don’t try something like Dig unless you’re sure that your Nidoking knows Fury Cutter, too.


Machamp can make things difficult for you. It’s not a counter, but it takes out Nidoking so quickly that it’s almost like one. Giovanni will switch to Machamp in his place if he has one on his team. If you’re lucky (like if you’re extra-lucky), he’ll use Machamp on top of Nidoking instead of just replacing his Nidoking with a Machamp counter like Dig or Fury Attack. It won’t hurt their effectiveness against Nidoking – but they might need to be more vital to take out the Muk and Snorlax with your Pokemon, even if they are super-strong against Nidoking.


It takes a lot of work to beat Pokemon Go Giovanni Lugia. You have to have the right type, the right moves, and the right Pokemon to take him out. At level 30 or higher, you’re up against his Rhydon and Charizard – both of which are pretty strong. Suppose you’re in a position to counter them with your Pokémon rather than using a Nidoking counter like Dig or Fury Attack. In that case, that’s a bit easier than using Nidoking counters yourself.

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