Celebrity Makeup Tricks for Long-Lasting Wear

Celebrity Makeup Tricks for Long-Lasting Wear

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg has been a beacon of creativity and honesty in the beauty world for over a decade. From her vibrant aesthetic to her client roster boasting Hollywood’s coolest names, Greenberg’s journey is as inspiring as it is relatable. In a recent podcast episode, she shared some of her top makeup tips and tricks for achieving all-day wearability. Here’s a breakdown of her expert advice:

Invest in Quality Brushes

Greenberg emphasizes the importance of using the right tools for flawless makeup application. Just as eating steak with a spoon is challenging, applying makeup without quality brushes can hinder your results. Greenberg recommends investing in good brushes, like the versatile MAC 217 Blending Brush, which excels in eyeshadow blending and concealer buffing. Quality brushes not only streamline your makeup routine but also enhance the overall finish by ensuring seamless blending.

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Concealer Application

Achieving a smooth, crease-free finish with under-eye concealer requires proper skincare and application techniques. Greenberg highlights the significance of allowing ample drying time between skincare and makeup application, particularly for eye creams. Thick eye creams may interfere with concealer application, leading to creasing throughout the day. By ensuring adequate drying time, you create a smooth canvas for flawless concealer application, minimizing the risk of creasing and enhancing longevity.

Embrace Touch-Ups

Greenberg debunks the myth of flawless, long-lasting makeup and reveals the secret behind celebrities’ impeccable looks: touch-ups. Even with perfect skin, minor touch-ups throughout the day are essential for maintaining a polished appearance. Greenberg encourages embracing portable makeup for on-the-go touch-ups, acknowledging that makeup perfection requires maintenance. Rather than striving for unrealistic longevity, embrace touch-ups as a personal refill moment, allowing you to refresh your makeup and enhance your confidence throughout the day.

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In essence, Jamie Greenberg’s makeup tips underscore the importance of investing in quality tools, mastering proper application techniques, and embracing the reality of touch-ups for all-day glam.

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