Top Apps and Games Shine at Apple Design Awards 2024

Top Apps and Games Shine at Apple Design Awards 2024

Apple has announced the winners of its prestigious Apple Design Awards for 2024, recognizing 14 apps and games for their exceptional design, technical prowess, and innovation. These winners were chosen from a competitive pool of 42 finalists from around the world.

In the Delight and Fun category, Bears Gratitude, a journaling app that promotes daily gratitude with charming characters, and NYT Games, a collection of engaging games including popular titles like Connections, were honored. Other finalists included Dudel Draw, Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Rooms, and WHAT THE CAR?

For Inclusivity, the app oko was celebrated for aiding visually impaired pedestrians by alerting them about signal lights, and Crayola Adventures was noted for its colorful gameplay and diverse character choices. Finalists in this category were Complete Anatomy 2024, quadline, Tiimo, and Unpacking.

Procreate Dreams, an app that allows users to create 2D animations with intuitive controls, and Lost in Play, an adventure game with hand-drawn graphics and puzzles, were awarded in the Innovation category. Other innovative finalists included Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Copilot Money, SmartGym, and Wavelength.

In the Interaction category, Crouton, a recipe app with a clean and user-friendly interface, and Rytmos, a puzzle game that combines simple gestures with evolving musical challenges, were recognized. Finalists also included Arc Search, finity., Little Nightmares, and Procreate Dreams.

The Social Impact category highlighted Gentler Streak Fitness Tracker for tracking both physical and mental wellness with encouraging reminders, and The Wreck, a visual novel addressing life-changing decisions through deep narratives. Ahead: Emotions Coach, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, How We Feel, and The Bear were also finalists.

For Visuals and Graphics, Rooms, an app that lets users create imaginative scenes and interact with others, and Lies of P, a visually stunning adventure game with customizable visuals, were honored. DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, Honkai: Star Rail, Meditate, and Sunlitt: Sun Position and Path were among the finalists.

Lastly, in the Spatial Computing category, djay pro – DJ App & AI Mixer was recognized for providing an immersive music mixing experience, and Blackbox was celebrated for its spatial puzzles with intricate details. Finalists included Loóna: Cozy Puzzle Games, NBA, Sky Guide, and Synth Riders.

Each winner received an Apple Design Award and a prize package to support their future projects. For more information, visit the Apple Design Awards website or check out the Apple Developer app.

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