Sony Unveils New ULT Power Sound Series in India

Sony Unveils New ULT Power Sound Series in India

Sony has just launched its new ‘ULT Power Sound’ series in India, offering a fresh lineup of audio products designed to enhance your listening experience. This new series includes three Bluetooth-enabled speakers—Sony ULT Tower 10, ULT Field 7, and ULT Field 1—and a pair of wireless headphones, Sony ULT Wear. Notably, this series was developed in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist Peso Pluma, ensuring top-notch sound quality.

Sony ULT Tower 10: The Party Speaker

The Sony ULT Tower 10 is a large party speaker perfect for big gatherings. It features a unique ULT button that lets users switch between two different audio modes. This speaker comes with a wireless mic for karaoke, making it a great choice for entertainment. Its boxy design includes Echo and Key controls on the top panel, and it supports Bluetooth 5.2, allowing for stable connections with devices. It handles audio frequencies from 20 kHz to 20,000 kHz and supports SBC, AAC, and LDAC codecs. One standout feature is its ability to connect with up to 100 compatible speakers using the Party Connect feature, syncing both music and lighting for a dynamic party atmosphere. The ULT Tower 10 is priced at Rs 89,990.

Sony ULT Field 7: Portable Party Speaker

For those who prefer portability, the Sony ULT Field 7 is an excellent option. It offers dynamic lighting and a karaoke port, making it versatile for various settings. The speaker is also IP67-rated, which means it is water and dust-resistant—ideal for outdoor use. It includes echo and key controls on the back panel and supports the Party Connect feature for linking up to 100 compatible speakers. The ULT Field 7 is available for Rs 39,990.

Sony ULT Field 1: Compact and Convenient

The ULT Field 1 is a compact, portable speaker designed for on-the-go use. It boasts a long battery life of up to 12 hours and features Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, supporting AAC and SBC codecs. This speaker comes in several colors, including black, off-white, forest grey, and orange, allowing users to choose a style that suits them. It is priced at Rs 10,990.

Sony ULT Wear Wireless Headphones: For Bass Lovers

The Sony ULT Wear Wireless Headphones are designed for bass enthusiasts, offering personalized EQ settings, 360-degree reality audio, and active noise cancellation. These headphones feature moldable cushions for comfort, wear detection for automatic pausing and playing, and multipoint connectivity for switching between devices seamlessly. The ULT Wear headphones are priced at Rs 16,990.


Sony’s new ULT Power Sound series brings a variety of options for different audio needs, from large party speakers to compact portable ones and specialized headphones for bass lovers. With competitive pricing and innovative features, this series is set to make a significant impact in the Indian market. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying music on the go, or immersing yourself in high-quality sound, Sony’s latest offerings have something for everyone.

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