How Beauty, Fashion Brands Are Changing Game with Web3 Revolution

How Beauty, Fashion Brands Are Changing Game with Web3 Revolution

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, something exciting is happening behind the scenes. Gone are the days when brands simply posted on social media to catch your eye. Now, they’re diving into the world of Web3 technology to bring you closer to the action.

Before, most brands relied on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to chat with you. But now, things are changing. With cool tech like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), forward-thinking brands are stepping up their game.

Take KIKI World, for example. They’re all about bringing people like you into the mix. Using blockchain, they’re creating a space where you can help shape the products you love. Imagine having a say in what nail polish colors hit the shelves next!

And it’s not just about pretty nails. Brands like CreatedBy are using something called NFC to make fashion more interactive. With a tap of your phone, you can learn all about where your clothes come from and how they’re made. It’s like having a personal tour guide for your wardrobe!

But not everyone is jumping on the Web3 train just yet. Some big brands are still figuring things out, while others are busy with AI stuff. And let’s face it, understanding all this new tech can be a bit tricky.

But don’t worry, some brands are leading the way. Louis Vuitton, for instance, is using Web3 to chat with fans and even sell digital collectibles. It’s like they’re throwing a party online, and you’re invited!

So, what’s next? Well, as AI gets smarter, who knows what else fashion and beauty brands will come up with. Maybe one day, your clothes will talk to your phone, or you’ll unlock special rewards just by wearing a certain brand.

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The future looks bright, and with Web3 tech leading the way, you might soon find yourself at the forefront of fashion and beauty innovation. So, get ready to dive in and explore a whole new world of style!


Q: What technology are beauty and fashion brands using to engage with consumers?

A: Beauty and fashion brands are using Web3 technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Q: How does KIKI World empower consumers?

A: KIKI World empowers consumers by allowing them to participate in the creation of products through blockchain infrastructure.

Q: What are some examples of products co-created by the community on the KIKI platform?

A: Examples include the “Pretty Nail Graffiti in Pearl,” SDK Skin Development Kit, and Play Paint Marker.

Q: How are participants rewarded for their actions on the KIKI platform?

A: Participants are rewarded with “KIKI points” or digital collectibles for their contributions.

Q: What is NFC-enabled fashion?

A: NFC-enabled fashion allows brands to connect directly with customers through near-field communication technology.

Q: How does CreatedBy use NFC tags?

A: CreatedBy uses NFC tags to share the story and journey of each product on a blockchain network, increasing transparency for consumers.

Q: What challenges do brands face in adopting Web3 technology?

A: Brands face challenges such as the need for education about Web3 and overcoming stigma associated with crypto-related technologies.

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Q: Which major fashion brand has embraced Web3 technology by opening a Discord server?

A: Louis Vuitton has embraced Web3 technology by opening a Discord server to connect with its online community and NFT holders.

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